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December 2017

After a period of public consultation, Auckland Council’s Hearings Panel has supported the change of use for the 40 Anzac Street car park with the following conditions:
1. Include a town square
2. Investigate short-stay public parking in the surrounding streets
3. Complete the Gasometer carpark between Northcroft and Huron streets before the Anzac car park is closed
4. Undertake further community engagement on the design of public space
On 7 November the recommendations from the Hearings Panel went to the council’s Planning Committee for a decision on the proposal to change the use of the 40 Anzac Street car park.  The Planning Committee deferred the decision so as to allow Panuku to consult with the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board as to how this process can be progressed.  A report is due back to the Planning Committee by March 2018.
We will continue to update this page as the situation progresses. 

Takapuna holds an enviable position with Takapuna Beach, the Waitemata Harbour and views to Rangitoto on one side – and Lake Pupuke on the other.

The Auckland Plan identifies Takapuna as one of 10 metropolitan centres – important industry, transport and housing hubs where significant change is expected during the next 30+ years.

Panuku Development Auckland is leading urban regeneration in Takapuna on behalf of Auckland Council, through a few key sites.

The vision is to make the most of Takapuna's unique sea and lakeside location and create a safe, accessible and vibrant town centre oriented around pedestrians and cyclists. This vision will guide future planning and development in Takapuna, with the goals of revitalising the town centre, improving public spaces, creating better connections to the beach and supporting more urban living and public transport options.

The vision is to make the most of Takapuna's unique sea and lakeside location and create a safe, accessible and vibrant town centre oriented around pedestrians and cyclists.

What's happened so far?

The development of these sites will help achieve a number of strategic priorities for Takapuna.

  • The desires and opportunities for Takapuna have been well outlined in a number of previous planning documents dating back to 2010 and have been widely consulted on.
  • In March last year Panuku was given the mandate to redevelop a number of properties in central Takapuna to deliver on previous plans and achieve urban renewal and housing.
  • Panuku has confirmed the vision and goals of the Takapuna project with community and residents’ groups.
  • Auckland Transport has reviewed car parking and public transport requirements for Takapuna now and into the future. The strategy for car parking is to replace the existing car park spaces within the Unlock sites and future-proof for a further 350-500 spaces within Takapuna over the next 30 years. 
  • The strategy recommends the bus station should remain at its current Lake Road location in the centre of town.
  • The Devonport-Takapuna Local Board included the Unlock Takapuna project in its draft Local Board Plan 2017 that was recently open for public consultation.

What's planned?

There are a number of priorities that need to be balanced before we will have a design.

  • 40 Anzac Street is currently a 250-space car park.  It is located in the centre of Takapuna between Anzac Street and Lake Road and is adjacent to Potters Park.  
  • There is an opportunity for 40 Anzac Street to be developed to create a mix of residential, commercial and public open spaces with activated laneways linking the site to Hurstmere Road, Hurstmere Green and Takapuna Beach.
  • There is a plan to develop part of the Gasometer site (located between Northcroft, Huron and Auburn streets) into a multi-level car park with approximately 450 car park spaces. This would be completed before any disruption to 40 Anzac Street occurred.
  • The vision for the other part of the Gasometer site is to create a mix of commercial, retail and residential spaces.
  • If the proposed change of use is supported, the next step would be to work with the communities of Takapuna on future planning for physical public spaces and their preferred uses and activities.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is 40 Anzac Street?

40 Anzac Street is currently a 250-space public car park in the centre of Takapuna.

  • What is this consultation about?

Public consultation on a potential change of use for the 40 Anzac Street car park opened on 7 August and closed on 4 September 2017. 40 Anzac Stree is one of the key sites Panuku Development Auckland is looking to redevelop into a mix of uses which could include residential, commercial and public open spaces.

  • What were you asking?

We wanted to know if people supported a proposal to change 40 Anzac Street from its current use as a single-level asphalt car park to an area of mixed development. This could include new public open space, retail, offices and residential uses, with related car parking. This proposed change of use would involve the sale and subsequent development of parts of the site by a private developer in a way that ensures the vision for a revitalised Takapuna centre is met. 

  • Why is Panuku Development Auckland involved? 

Panuku is Auckland Council’s regeneration agency. We work on behalf of the council to redevelop parts of the city to respond to growth and improve the quality of urban living across Auckland. This includes working to bring Aucklanders better connected and safer neighbourhoods, improved housing and more access to the coastline.

  • Why was Panuku consulting? 

There are two main reasons. Firstly, there is a high level of public interest in the 40 Anzac Street site. Secondly, we are legally obliged to, based on a potential change to the current use or future ownership of the car park. This legal obligation is based on the fact that historically, some commercial ratepayers in Takapuna helped pay off the loan that purchased the car park.

  • What happens after submissions close? 

Submissions closed on 4 September 2017. A hearing will be held on October 4 & 5. The public will be notified. People that opted to speak to their submission will have the chance to speak. The hearings panel was selected on 10 August by the Regulatory Committee. This panel will provide their recommendation to the Planning Committee in November, where a final decision will be made.

  • What happens if the proposed change of use is approved? 

If the proposed change of use is supported and approved by the Planning Committee, more work will be done to determine what could happen on the site. This includes working with the communities of Takapuna on future planning for physical public spaces and their preferred uses and activities across this site and the adjoining council-owned sites on Hurstmere Road.

  • Can you guarantee the car park will not be sold? 

The change of use Panuku proposes would involve the sale and subsequent development of parts of the site by a private developer. Any development would only be contemplated if it ensured the vision for a revitalised Takapuna centre was met.

  • Surely with a growing population, Takapuna needs more parking? 

There are currently 2300 public car park spaces in Takapuna (both on and off-street). 40 Anzac Street provides 250 of these car park spaces. Auckland Transport (AT) recently conducted a car parking assessment for Takapuna. AT advised Panuku that it needs to replace 400 car parks within the Unlock Takapuna sites (Anzac Street and Gasometer) and futureproof for a further 350-500 car parks over the next 30 years.

As part of providing for current and future parking requirements, Panuku plans to redevelop part of the Gasometer site (located between Northcroft, Huron and Auburn streets) into a multi-level car park with approximately 450 spaces. This will increase the current car parking supply.

Future demand could be catered for on both Gasometer and Killarney Street car parks. This would concentrate more car parks on the periphery of the centre and assist with reducing congestion in the centre. Gasometer would be delivered before any disruption occurred on the Anzac Street site.

See more car parking information.

  • I work in Takapuna. Where can I park? 

AT manages the balance between short-stay and long-stay/commuter car parking. AT’s priority is to provide short-stay parking which better supports local businesses. If short-stay occupancy is low (under 85 per cent) then AT can adjust the use to allow some long-stay/commuter parking.

  • Who will own the car parks?   

The proposed multi-level car park building on part of the Gasometer site is intended to be owned by Auckland Council and managed by Auckland Transport. Any parking related to possible future developments would be owned by the development party, but might be available for the public. No land will be released without ensuring Takapuna’s transport and parking requirements are met. The car park building planned for Gasometer will not be used for resident parking.  It will be for retail and commercial visitors to Takapuna centre. 

  • Gasometer and Killarney Street car parks are too far away. 

It is a short walking distance (approximately 200m) from both Gasometer and Killarney Street car parks to the main retail strip on Hurstmere Road. Streetscape improvements will be looked at in conjunction with any development to ensure the journey for pedestrians is safe and enjoyable. 

  • What will be the impact on retailers if the Anzac Street car park goes?

International car parking studies have shown that the impact on reducing car parking immediately outside retail and hospitality spaces and increasing foot traffic can actually have a positive effect on these businesses.

Maintaining car parking supply in Takapuna would be addressed before any disruption to Anzac Street car park occurred.  The Gasometer car park would be completed and open to the public before the Anzac Street site was closed for any type of development or construction. 

  • Will this mean the end of the Sunday market? 

Takapuna Sunday market is a private commercial activity. Panuku recognises that the Takapuna Sunday market is a valued part of the Takapuna community and understands the vitality it brings to Takapuna. Panuku is looking to extend this vitality to the centre of Takapuna throughout the week, rather than just on a Sunday morning. The proposed development of 40 Anzac Street does not necessarily mean an end to the market. The market could move to an alternative site within Takapuna, or a version of it might be incorporated into the uses and activities on future public space created on the Anzac Street and adjoining council-owned sites on Hurstmere Road.  

  • The community says it needs more public space in Takapuna. How does this help achieve that? 

Takapuna is blessed with a variety of beautiful public spaces. The majority of Takapuna’s existing spaces are focused on natural amenity and passive recreation. The 40 Anzac Street site offers the potential to provide a different public space offering. This could include laneways, urban plazas and venues for markets, festivals and events and public space that can be used year round, in all weather. These would complement the existing range and network of parks and reserves.

  • What about the "Save Takapuna Carpark" petition. Is Panuku ignoring it? 

In March 2017, the Panuku Board received the petition and heard the views of the spokespeople for it. The petition sought support for the Sunday Market and opposed the sale of the site. The market can be relocated within Takapuna or a different version of it incorporated into future public space. Any sale is dependent on the alternative uses agreed later in the project and would only be contemplated if it was required to achieve components of the desired redevelopment. 

One of their secondary concerns raised was the need for quality public space in central Takapuna. This point has been taken into account in the Framework Plan, along with comments and views of the other community stakeholders. Our work suggests that this land, combined with the Hurstmere Road properties, would be ideal to provide more open space within the centre. There is a great opportunity to provide improved connections from Potters Park across to Hurstmere Road and Hurstmere Green, through to Takapuna Beach.

The current consultation is required before any change of use on the site can occur. This includes any public space provision.  

  • What if a large number of people do not support the proposed change of use? 

All submissions will be considered by a hearings panel, the composition of which was determined at the 10 August Regulatory Committee. The hearings panel will make recommendations to the Planning Committee, who will make the final decision in November.

  • Will Panuku be developing the land?

Panuku will not develop the land itself. Like many other projects across Auckland (E.g. Britomart and Wynyard Quarter) we would use a selection process to find a development partner who would buy and develop the land. There would be a development agreement which would incorporate key requirements that the development partner must deliver. These might be things like public open space, sustainability features, carparks, retail at ground floor, laneways through to Hurstmere Rd and Hurstmere Green.

  • When would development start?

It is likely that any development will be staggered across the sites, with development of the multi-level car park building planned for Gasometer started first. This would ensure parking and public transport is maintained and disruption for customers and retailers is minimised.

  • What other works are planned for the area? 

Other improvement projects in the pipeline for Takapuna aim to support the town centre’s future development into one of Auckland’s key metropolitan areas. Auckland Council and Healthy Waters are working with Auckland Transport to carry out a wider Hurstmere Road upgrade from Lake Road to Anzac Street including the two key intersections at either end of this stretch of road. This will enhance the street amenity and vitality of Hurstmere Road’s retail activity and will also assist with minimising stormwater run-off to the beach.

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