How we operate

We’re visionary

We imagine a city with improved urban living made possible by urban regeneration.

We’re strategic

We’re guided by strategies such as the Auckland Plan, local board plans, town centre plans and the economic development strategy.

We’re place-led

The identity, attributes and aspirations of the neighbourhoods we work in lead our thinking in everything from engagement to design.

We collaborate

We believe that working together will always create a better result than working alone. We work closely with Auckland Council, councillors, local boards, mana whenua, the private sector, other council and crown organisations and our neighbourhood locals to deliver urban regeneration for Tāmaki Makaurau.
A focus on quality design

A focus on quality design

We work with the city’s best urban planners, architects and designers to create thriving town centres where people want to work and play.

This means:

  • Ensuring our designs align with council plans and what the community wants
  • Regularly talking to stakeholders and the community to ensure our projects reflect the character and needs of the neighbourhood
  • Creating environmentally-friendly developments that incorporate public transport, roads and public spaces for all to enjoy

Place-led thinking

All our urban regeneration projects need to reflect the people, character and needs of the area, which is why placemaking is crucial to our work.

Placemaking is a process that fosters the creation of vital, successful places. The kind of places where people feel a strong relationship with their communities and a commitment to make things better.

Our placemaking practice has been developed over the last decade or so, initially for spaces like the city centre waterfront, but now across the wider Auckland region.

Through placemaking, the people of a place play a strong cooperative role in the building of their public places. It’s an inclusive approach which can benefit all outcomes – social, commercial and everything in between.

The Panuku approach to placemaking

Working with Māori

Our commitment to Māori is outlined in the Auckland Plan 2050 and is part of our commitment to the council. As a new organisation, we have worked closely with our mana whenua partners to understand their priorities in Tāmaki Makaurau.

Mana whenua believe what is best for Māori is best ultimately best for everyone in Tāmaki Makaurau. They have shared their top five aspirations with Panuku, below is a summary:

  1. Governance. We’ll engage mana whenua in decision-making and inform them of our work.
  2. Culture. We’ll increase our practice of kaitiakitanga (by all) and ensure visibility of Māori identity and culture in our projects.
  3. Economic. We’ll create more commercial investment, procurement and engagement opportunities for Māori.
  4. Social. We’ll foster a sense of community and connectedness and create career pathways for rangatahi.
  5. Natural environment: We’re increasing the practice of kaitiakitanga (by all) across our work, ensuring significant improvements to te mauri o te taiao.
The environment

The environment

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Conserving resources – We take action to reduce energy use and conserve resources through the design and delivery of our regeneration projects. We set environmental standards for ourselves and our development partners.

Adaptation and resilience – We’re future proofing our communities and assets. This includes the consistent use of green infrastructure, water sensitive urban design, ecological improvements and community resilience planning.

Healthy, low-carbon lifestyles – Living and working in our communities means you have amenities on your doorstep, access to public transport and safer walking and cycling routes. Our development partners are required to deliver housing to a minimum 6-Homestar rating.