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Avondale town centre regeneration

Panuku Development Auckland has identified Avondale as an area of major opportunity and we plan to revitalise and intensify Avondale over the next 15 years. 

Avondale is close to Auckland’s CBD, has good infrastructure and excellent access to public transport.

With a long history as an industrial and market garden suburb, Avondale has evolved in to an area rich in culture with a strong and vibrant community.

Panuku Development Auckland identified Avondale as an area of major opportunity and we plan to revitalise and intensify Avondale over the next 15 years.

Revitalisation will be driven by a focus on the town centre and working with Auckland Council and developers to create quality residential neighbourhoods, new open spaces and purpose-built community facilities.

This change is widely supported by the Whau Local Board and mana whenua.

We will support the vitality of the centre and the growth of local businesses to create a prosperous community where residents want to live, work and play.

Panuku will:

  • Enliven the heart of Avondale town centre. Panuku will seek opportunities to bring new life to underused land, supporting the upgrade of the town square and development of a multi-use community facility.
  • Create high-quality residential neighbourhoods. We will champion the building of quality new residential areas through the development of council-owned land and working with other land owners.
  • Strengthen connections with the town centre. We will work with key stakeholders to improve the physical links between the town centre and activity hubs, including the train station and cycleways.
  • Foster the growth of local businesses. We will work in partnership with the Whau Local Board and the Avondale community to implement a retail strategy that attracts new businesses and increases the diversity of products and services available.

24-26 Racecourse Parade

A new development is nearing completion at 24-26 Racecourse Parade. 

The Set development at 24-26 Racecourse Parade consists of three buildings – two three-level walk-ups and one five-level – together providing 72 new apartments.  

The development is a great example of well-designed medium to high density housing that meets the requirements of the area and will trigger further regeneration in the neighbourhood.

The site is the former home to the Suburbs Rugby Club and was taken to the market early in June 2015 by Panuku after a period of due diligence and engagement with the local community and the Whau Local Board.

Ockham Residential was appointed as the developer partner in July 2015.

Panuku Director Allan Young says the development is a great example of supporting the demand for housing through the quality redevelopment of urban locations.

“It is already attracting strong interest from buyers due to Ockham’s reputation for quality design and built apartments in the city fringe. This demonstrates the value of Panuku working together with the local board to enable developers to deliver at pace.

 “The outcome will be an increase in residents in the town centre, offering an added vibrancy and the potential to act as the perfect catalyst for further regeneration of the area.”

Construction is expected to be completed by November 2018.

1 Trent Street

1 Trent St, Avondale is now complete, providing 33 new homes and a new council reserve.

A NZ Housing Foundation development at 1 Trent St, Avondale was completed in early 2018. The development includes 33 new homes and the creation of a new reserve.

The new housing development provides a full range of homes including affordable rental, affordable rent-to-own, affordable shared equity and private ownership. The new council reserve provides Auckland Transport and NZTA, working with the Albert-Eden Local Board and Auckland Council, to construct a key part of the new Waterview Shared Path. When completed, the cycleway will create a continuous link from Avondale to Unitec and the city centre via the Northwestern Cycleway. The path will also link to the regional shared path heading south to Onehunga, Manukau and Pikes Point, Great South Road along the Waikaraka Shared path.

It will help the development’s families build a strong sense of community by working together to ensure a safe, healthy and connected neighbourhood. The new neighbourhood is just minutes from the Avondale train station and only a short walk from the town centre. It’s also close to parks, playing fields and the nearby Whau River.

The development will achieve Panuku’s goal of delivering medium to high density housing while radically improving the quality of urban living. It provides a range of affordable housing tenures for key people who would be otherwise locked out of the home ownership market.

For more information visit the NZ Housing Foundation website

Frequently asked questions

What’s happening in Avondale?
Avondale’s town centre will undergo a regeneration that will support the creation of high-quality homes, strengthen transport connections and foster the growth of local businesses.

What’s the timeframe?
The regeneration will be delivered over the next 15 years.

Why is it taking so long?
Regeneration includes many factors including working with developers, investors and landowners, consulting with the community, securing funding and developing design. We want Avondale to be regenerated in a way that is sustainable and contributes positively to the neighbourhood, which takes time.

How can we ensure the new development will be high quality?
All development in Avondale will follow the Avondale High Level Project Plan (HLPP), which outlines how we work with the community, including mana whenua. Panuku is committed to high quality design outcomes based on Avondale’s unique identity and diversity. For example, we look to achieve a 6 Homestar rating on all residential development in which we have a direct involvement. This is to ensure all homes are built to a high standard with minimal environmental impact. All the relevant planning controls in the Auckland Unitary Plan still apply, and all our development sites are required to go through the normal resource consent process.

How do I give feedback/get involved?
We’re hosting some events where the community can give feedback and gain insights, check out the Panuku Facebook page ( for more information. You can also write to us at

What’s happening at Avondale Central?
Avondale Central, the empty lot in the middle of Avondale that used to have the 3Guys supermarket on it, is one of the keys to unlocking the potential of Avondale. The vision is that the site will eventually include a mix of shops on the ground level, with new homes above.

Why has the site been fenced off?
The site was partially fenced in April 2018 as there were hazards that posed a danger to the community. However, the site will remain open for as long as possible. Geo-tech work may begin in June and we may have to close the site at that time for the safety of the public.

What’s the process?
In order for the Avondale Central site to be transformed in to a thriving hub for Avondale we need to first find a development partner to work through a detailed design for the site before construction begins. This can take several months.

Why doesn’t Auckland Council act as developer?
As we are a ratepayer-funded organisation we do not take on the financial risk of development. Instead we negotiate good development and urban design outcomes with development partners.

What happens to the money from the sale?
The money from the sale will be reused for other strategic land purchases in Auckland’s neighbourhoods. We work across many locations in Auckland that need funding.

When will the Avondale Central site close and how long for?
The Avondale Central site is likely to close by the end of 2018 and will reopen when the development is completed, likely in 2021.

What will the final development of the Avondale Central site look like?
The vision is that the precinct will eventually include a mix of shops on the ground level, with new homes above. It would link through to Racecourse Parade and Central Reserve. This will be important for supporting and encouraging further development and investment in the Avondale town centre.

What’s happening with the community facility?
Funding for a new centralised community facility in Avondale, including a library and community centre, is being sought through the Long-term Plan, which sets out the activities, services and investments planned in Auckland for the next 10 years. The budget will be finalised in June 2018.

Where is the new community facility going to be?
A site for the proposed facility hasn’t been decided yet. Investment through the Long-term Plan needs to be confirmed before a site decision can be made.

What happens if the new facility doesn’t go ahead?
If investment is not confirmed through the Long-term Plan the existing community facility is likely to be repaired and remain in its current location.

Is there going to be an aquatic centre?
Funding for an aquatic centre is also being sought through the Long-term Plan. This was requested as a separate item to the community facility.

What’s the plan for Avondale Racecourse?
We think the racecourse provides an excellent opportunity for Avondale. It’s currently owned by the Avondale Jockey Club, and we’re looking to work with them to seek positive outcomes and protect the huge potential of the site.

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Unlock Avondale High Level Project Plan

McConnell Property is making excellent progress with civil earthworks, drainage and roads due for completion by May 2017.


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