Chapter 1

About the regeneration of Auckland city centre

About the regeneration of Auckland city centre - City Centre

With its Waitematā Harbour setting, Auckland city centre has the potential to become one of the world’s most stunning and exciting districts for living and doing business.

Aucklanders are clear about what they want: open up waterfront connection, make it easy to get around, and create great spaces to enjoy. Some of that wish list will now happen sooner rather than later, with Auckland Council eyes fixed on the America’s Cup and APEC taking place here in 2021.

The council has refreshed the city centre and waterfront plans. It’s looking to speed up cycling, walking and public transport improvements, provide better access at harbour edge, and make the area more family and environmentally friendly.

Panuku is one of the council family groups leading the delivery of more than 40 capital projects as part of the event preparations and city centre regeneration.

The city centre is the engine room of Auckland's economy. It generates 20 per cent of the region’s GDP and is home to many of the country’s business and financial services. Along with unique historical and natural heritage, it’s a hub for arts and culture, tertiary education and major events.

We need to cater for Auckland city centre’s rapid growth. Just over 50,000 people live here, while 80,000 workers, students, shoppers and visitors travel here every day between 7am and 9am. One in seven Aucklanders now works in the city centre.