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07 September 2016

Communications and Marketing student Olivia Mune explains her experience as an intern at Panuku.

My internship at Panuku Development Auckland began in November 2015. My interview was the day before my last exam and in my manic state I became the most extreme version of myself. This somehow passed off as confidence and here I am, from an internship that was meant to last only three months, I’m still standing 10 months later. Rebecca Christeller and I are the first interns Panuku Development Auckland have taken on and this is an experience we wholly embraced together. Rebecca vocalises her experience in the link here. 

Panuku is not the first internship I have had but it will hopefully be the last, as I can happily say that this is an organisation where I can see myself. Internships are an incredible opportunity to explore what you are looking for from a working environment, not every organisation will be right for you and that’s okay.

Internships are an elaborate experience in which you can offer your skills to a workplace and implement your learnings from university into a real work environment. In my intern experiences I have often followed a sheepish routine of getting through a to-do list. Recently I have come to ask the question, what is it that I am getting out of this experience and what is it I want to achieve? It is with this attitude at Panuku that I have embraced a plethora of knowledge and information in various areas I never knew I would be so fascinated by or have use for, such as Placemaking, Sustainability and Urban Design. Panuku has created a new relationship status for me and Auckland city - status update; we are in love. Working around people who are so passionate about making this city the best version of itself has fuelled a fire in my belly to get to know Auckland and understand the people, places and communities we are working with.

It can be a daunting prospect to imagine where it is you will fit in a professional establishment, especially coming straight from university. I have been lucky enough in the Communications and Marketing team to have close mentors who have given me a generous amount of their time and established a healthy balance between structure and creative freedom. I do believe it is important in an internship to have people around you who are willing and able to invest time into you and to be accessible to answer any of your questions. My work environment has fully embraced this notion, not only my team but other areas of the office too.

The graduate programme is an exciting opportunity for both the interns and will be a great asset to Panuku. Fresh eyes and a new perspective will always have its place in an organisation like this, while experience, opportunity and understanding will give you the chance to flourish and expand your wealth of knowledge and to take your first steps of your career path. 

Olivia Mune is studying public relations at AUT. Between classes she helps out at Panuku with social media, research and writing. For Olivia, working at Panuku provides her a platform where she is able to engage and interact with Auckland in a way that she finds extremely valuable and exciting as a communications student. 



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