Key sites for revitalising Henderson

Key sites for revitalising Henderson - Henderson

We’re taking action on two Auckland Council sites for now:

  • 21-33 Henderson Valley Road, where 40 apartments for older people are being built and at least 50-60 new houses are planned
  • 2-4 Henderson Valley Road, where an Auckland Council staff car park will be turned into 50-80 terrace homes and low-rise apartments. The Central One building, also on this site, has potential for an interesting mix of future uses for people to enjoy.

These two sites are part of 47 hectares (ha) that Auckland Council controls within Henderson centre. Nine of the council properties show development potential – currently, they are mostly open spaces, community facilities and car parks.

In total, the area to be regenerated covers 145 hectares (a hectare being about the same size as an international rugby field). It includes 14ha controlled by the Crown.