Our plan to revitalise Henderson

Our plan to revitalise Henderson - Henderson

The future heart of Henderson is being reimagined as a flourishing urban eco-centre – a town centre that harnesses sustainability. It’s a vision with respect for the past, tapping into the history and eco-friendly vibe of Auckland’s west.

Families and the environment will be our focus for developing Henderson. The revitalisation will also enhance the mauri (life essence) of the Twin Streams that meet in its centre – Wai o Panuku and Wai Horotiu.

Henderson town centre is packed with potential to increase housing, develop business space and create more jobs.

Panuku is leading the creation of a safe, high-quality and lively mix of new homes and public spaces . We believe a strong ‘eco’ focus and uniquely west Auckland identity will attract families, businesses, investors and visitors to this growing area.

Over the next 10 years until 2028, development will happen in stages on land roughly the size of 145 international rugby fields. Nine of the properties Auckland Council owns in this area have the potential to be developed, and we’re starting with two:

  • a Henderson Valley Road site where apartments for older people are being built, and will eventually neighbour additional homes for families
  • a second Henderson Valley Road site around the Auckland Council building, which sits over the train station and next to the town centre. Firstly here, we’ll turn a council staff car park into terrace homes and low-rise apartments, a new road and Japanese garden upgrade.

Two other sites – the Falls and Alderman car parks – are Auckland’s nominated places in the global Reinventing Cities competition. Depending on how things play out, Henderson could well benefit from world-leading design for a sustainable new neighbourhood.