Chapter 1

Hobsonville Point, the Airfields

Hobsonville Point, the Airfields - Hobsonville Point, the Airfields

Where planes once roared from the runway, it’s new housing lifting off at the Airfields in Hobsonville Point, along with all the well-planned foundations of a thriving community.

The Airfields development is turning 20 hectares of Auckland Council land in the heart of Hobsonville Point into new housing, including affordable homes, and a mix of other uses.

It’s part of a masterplan for the area. This means the new housing will be perfectly positioned among parks and roads, schools and community facilities, local workplaces and public transport to Auckland’s CBD.

People living at the Airfields can shop at centres a short drive away, and enjoy local restaurants, bars and cafes. They also have easy access to the water, with Upper Harbour’s coastal walks close by.

We’re working closely with our development partners to provide essential housing for Auckland’s fast-growing population. In total, the Airfields will add approximately 800 new houses to the region’s supply, and 10 per cent of these will be affordable homes.