Chapter 3

The Airfields masterplan

The Airfields masterplan - Hobsonville Point, the Airfields

The masterplan for the wider Hobsonville Point promotes development that fosters a sense of community and makes it easier for people to connect. Neighbourhoods are designed to be easy and safe to walk or cycle around.

The Airfields has been designed to fit this wider masterplan. Six sections, known as megalots, make up the development and will each contribute to approximately 800 new homes.

Stage one

The 1.95 hectares development is located towards the southern edge of the site, bordering the Catalina area.

Read about the first home on the Airfields, completed in December 2017.

Stage two

At least 510 new homes are planned on mega lots two three and four as part of the second stage at of the Airfields development. They are the first homes awarded a 6 Homestar rating using our customised checklist.

The Avanda Group design received the rating from the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC), which certifies that they are healthy, sustainable homes. Features include good energy efficiency, ventilation, moisture control and insulation.

The Airfields is one of the locations we want to ensure a minimum 6 Homestar rating, so we worked with the NZGBC and Auckland Council to create the checklist.

Find out more about the Homestar rating and checklist.

Top Garden Property Development (Avanda Group) was confirmed as our development partner in February 2017. You can read about Avanda's appointment here.

Stage three

Our focus for the remaining land in Hobsonville will be providing mixed-use development, combining commercial, retail, community and residential elements, depending on market demand and feasibility.

Part of this is the recently announced acquisition of a new school site by the Ministry of Education, which will help future proof this fast-growing part of Auckland, enabling more children to walk, cycle or scoot to school.