Chapter 13

A new playground for Wiri

A new playground for Wiri - Manukau

The existing playground at Wiri Stream Reserve is coming to the end of its life and will need replacing soon. Panuku is working with our colleagues at Auckland Council and the Manurewa Local Board to design a new neighbourhood playground to serve your community.

We’re proposing to move the playground from the opposite side of the Puhinui Stream to a new location off Trevor Hosken Drive.

This new location is:

  • Safer for children to use as they’re further away from the water’s edge
  • Easier to access from the road, with car parking close by
  • More visible from surrounding streets
  • Set back away from areas of the reserve that sometimes flood

Importantly, this also means the new playground doesn’t have to be moved later as part of the regeneration of the Puhinui Stream.

What’s happened so far?

A team of playground design experts are working with us as well as the local community to develop a design for the new playground.

We’ve already talked with students from Wiri Central School to understand how they use the reserve and the existing playground, and their ideas for what the new play space could include. We’ve also started talking to mana whenua and local community groups.