Chapter 8

Harnessing learning and innovation opportunities

Harnessing learning and innovation opportunities - Manukau

People will be encouraged in enterprise and business growth to help drive local economic prosperity.

Learning and innovation are seen as a cornerstone of changing how Manukau functions. The building blocks are already here, with more participation in early childhood education and a rapidly increasing tertiary presence.

We’ll work with ATEED and TSI with a focus on empowering people in community, social, iwi and Pasifika enterprise. We’ll also harness growth sectors such as health, food and environmental tech, and advanced manufacturing.

This move will include:

  • a network between learning centres, so that people have a pathway from early childhood to further education and training, and on to employment
  • The Southern Initiative’s local enterprise and innovation initiatives, including the Makerhood, and Māori and Pasifika trades and training programmes
  • the Manukau Innovation Neighbourhood – engaging large-scale local employers to grow local innovation and talent
  • the Te Haa multi-purpose innovation centre
  • developing a technology hub for MIT’s trades and engineering schools that will be used by more than 1,200 students and deliver more high-value jobs to the community.