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The Meadowbank Community Centre is being transformed into a high quality, fit-for-purpose community facility, that better meets the needs of its surrounding communities. 

Once redeveloped the centre will be a mixed-use development with community space on the ground floor and homes above. The centre’s design will accommodate a mix of new and existing community services, including some that are currently delivered out of premises at 22 Tahapa Crescent, Meadowbank and 4 Victoria Avenue, Remuera.

This project, which is being led by Panuku Development Auckland and alongside the local board and community services to deliver, is a realisation of the 2017 Ōrākei Local Board Plan to revitalise the Meadowbank Community Centre into a facility that will meet the needs of its changing communities.

Colliers International has been appointed to undertake the marketing campaign to seek a development partner for the redevelopment of the Meadowbank Community Centre. Expressions of interest closed at 4pm on Wednesday 27 February 2019. This is the first stage in the the process of appointing a preferred development partner.

Frequently asked questions

When will the current centre close?

A date for this has yet to be set. Panuku is in the process of engaging a building partner and once a building partner has been approved a timeline for the development will be agreed. Until then the current centre will remain open. 

Will the Meadowbank Community Centre House Incorporated continue to operate the centre?

The Meadowbank Community Centre House Incorporated will continue to operate the centre until the expiry of its contract 7 July 2019. We would like to thank the Meadowbank Community Centre House Incorporated and its staff for their longstanding service to the Meadowbank community.


What will happen to the centre between 8 July and the start of the redevelopment?

Between 8 July 2019 and the start of redevelopment, operational management will be undertaken by Auckland Council. Existing user groups will get priority over any new bookings during this period and legacy room rates will still apply.


Where can my group/programme operate from during the redevelopment?

Where needed, council staff will assist current user groups in finding suitable spaces to relocate their groups/programmes. This could include other council-owned community venues or community operated venues in the area. If a suitable venue is found it will be the responsibility of each group to complete their relocation directly with their new venue provider.


What can I do if the space I move to during the redevelopment is more expensive than my current space?

If there is a difference between the current charges at Meadowbank Community Centre and your new venue, you can apply to the Ōrākei Local Board for a grant to cover the difference. The Ōrākei Local Board has made a commitment to supporting community groups to continue to operate during the redevelopment, with the long-term vision that they re-join the new community centre once it opens.


Will my group/programme fit in the new centre?

The layout and floor plan of the new community centre has yet to be designed. There will be consultation with the community, including current user groups, once a building partner has been approved. This will be used to inform the design and layout of the new centre.


What will the inside of the new centre look like?

The new development will be a mixed-use building. The ground floor will be a community space with residential apartments on the floors above. The building is yet to be designed but will be guided by the Unitary Plan. We expect the new community centre to have an internal floor space of around 550m2, almost twice the size of the current community centre. There are also plans for the Ōrākei Local Board Office to be part of the centre, in addition to the 550m2.


Will there be an Early Childhood Education Centre built into the new community centre?

There are no plans to incorporate an Early Childhood Education Centre into the new centre.


Will there be carparking?

Yes, there will be separate parking for residents and community centre users. The exact numbers and configuration are yet to be finalised but will be guided by the Unitary Plan.


When will the new centre be open?

These details are not yet known. Panuku is currently in the process of engaging a building partner and once a building partner has been approved a timeline for the development will be agreed, this will include an estimated completion date.


When the new centre is open, who will manage it?

During the redevelopment process Ōrākei Local Board will make decisions on the future operating model for the Meadowbank Community Centre. The Ōrākei Local Board has favoured a community-led model for many of their community centres, this approach is strategically aligned to council and local board outcomes, empowering communities to deliver. This model empowers a community organisation to be the centre’s operational decision-makers.


Who can help me find a suitable space to continue to run my group/programme?

Relocation enquiries:

Susan Ropati    Places Manager, Auckland Council
021 892 435 

Funding enquiries:

Zella Morrison        Manager Strategic Brokers, Auckland Council

021 731 988 


McConnell Property is making excellent progress with civil earthworks, drainage and roads due for completion by May 2017.


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