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25 March 2015

Remember when we thought by the time 2020 rolled around we would all be driving around in flying cars and holidaying on the moon?

Well maybe that was just me and I watched one too many episodes of the Jetsons.

In fact 2020 is just five short years away, and while technology is a driving force in our lives (flying cars aside) so too is a desire to put down the smart phones and get back to basics.

This Saturday is Neighbours Day, an annual event that has been created to help us get back to basics, reconnect with and celebrate the value neighbours bring to our lives.  Those passing exchanges across the fence, knowing your neighbours well enough to pop over and ask for a cup of sugar, old school street parties and kids playing on the street with the neighbours from number 37.

But neighbourhoods are changing. As we move toward greater density and apartment style living the opportunity for random exchanges at the end of the driveway are reduced. Neighbours Day is a chance to establish and celebrate those relationships in their modern day context.

It has always been our aspiration at Waterfront Auckland, as with all good high density for the residential neighbourhood to be a marriage of the convenience of inner-city living and the quality and neighbourhood feeling of the suburbs.

As we embark on the next phase of development in Wynyard Quarter and homes start being sold it’s a fitting opportunity to think about what the neighbourhood will look like in the future.

The revitalisation of Wynyard Quarter is a 30 year project and all going to plan by 2020 we will be about half way through.

So what will Neighbours Day 2020 look like in Wynyard Quarter? Well by my count there will be around 600 people living in the central part of Wynyard Quarter, in a mix of apartments, mews and terraced style houses.

The ground floor will be buzzing with shops, small businesses and cafes centred around quirky laneways. So perhaps neighbours will be grabbing a coffee from a café (where the barista knows their name) where they can bump into the neighbour from across the road and stroll around the laneways on the lookout for great local products.  Kids will be able to scooter around the car free laneways heading along to Workshops on the Wharf.  

Neighbours will be working together in the community gardens, using compost from the local cafes; all taking a share in the fresh fruit and veges.   BBQs and picnics will be happening n Wynyard Common, Silo Park and communal gardens where friends and neighbours from all parts of Auckland can meet. Neighbours will be chatting about next week’s movie on at Silo Park and comparing how energy efficient their homes are on their Smart monitoring apps.

We aren’t far away from the mystical year 2020. And I reckon this vision for the future sounds much nicer than driving around in flying cars.

JESS CURNOW, Senior Communications and Marketing Advisor.
As the social media guru for the organisation, she is always busy tweeting, posting, snapping, and looking for interesting tidbits. Jess’s greatest challenge is getting the rest of the organisation to be as active on social media as she is.

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