18 June 2019

Get involved in the Awataha Greenway Project

Get involved in the Awataha Greenway Project

Work has started turning the Jessie Tonar Scout Reserve into the beginning of a lush new 1.5km greenway in Northcote as part of the Awataha Greenway Project.

When it’s complete kids will be able to walk and cycle safely through here on their way to school and the community will have a green space on their doorstep where they can reconnect with nature.

Panuku is leading the first part of the restoration project. The Kaipātiki project is providing on-the-ground support and, with the help of volunteers, are doing tasks like removing weeds to allow the native species to flourish.

The community plays a big part in a project like this, with everyone getting stuck in to help out.

If you’d like to get involved, register and come along to a restoration day:

  • Saturday 22 June
  • Saturday 13 July
  • Saturday 10 August
  • Saturday 7 September
  • Saturday 12 October
  • Saturday 9 November
  • Saturday 7 December.

Register on the
Kaipatiki Project website

You can find out more about this project in this story: Urban renewal project underway in Northcote

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