09 April 2021

Kids take part in Northcote Easter Treasure Hunt

Kids take part in Northcote Easter Treasure Hunt

Kids and families of Northcote brought the town centre to life as they followed the Easter Bunny’s trail for clues in the Northcote Easter Treasure Hunt.

They enjoyed finding clues hidden in and around the town centre. ‘Count the number of dumplings hanging in the tree’, and ‘Name the veggies in the planter box’ were just some of the clues to be uncovered. Treasure to be found at the end of the trail included badges and stickers.

About 200 kids, parents and caregivers visited the town centre for the event, which included a bubble show, games and puzzles, kids craft workshops and story time at the Northcote Library.

Roxie Haines, Placemaker at Panuku Development Auckland, says it was great to see the town centre come to life.

“The treasure hunt was based in the immediate Northcote shopping area where kids could answer clues for prizes. The theme focused on Northcote as a food destination, with its reputation as a niche in fresh food, grocery products and Asian cuisine.”
— Roxie Haines

“Panuku is regenerating the Northcote town centre over the next 7-10 years. The new town centre will continue to be a unique place and great food destination, with new retail development, apartments and a multi-purpose community hub building.”

The free event was facilitated by Panuku to encourage people to move around and discover new parts of the town centre. It was previously held in Northcote in 2019.

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