24 June 2019

Makeover planned for Greenslade Reserve

Makeover planned for Greenslade Reserve

A joint effort is now underway to transform Greenslade Reserve into a new recreational facility complete with a playing field for rugby league and cricket, attractive recreational facilities from terraced seating to BBQ areas, a walking loop and a native planted urban wetland.

The problem of local flooding will also be addressed.

These works are part of the Awataha Greenway Project and the regeneration of Northcote’s town centre, a partnership between Auckland Council, Panuku Development Auckland, HLC and other local partners to transform Northcote.

Panuku Northcote Project Sponsor Angelika Cutler believes the transformation of Greenslade Reserve will bring huge benefits for Northcote.

“Northcote has always suffered from terrible stormwater flooding. With the course of the Awataha stream so altered by development over time, it’s no wonder this stream now floods the town centre and the homes beyond after a big downpour.

“By bringing the course of the stream back to life, and re-creating Greenslade into a fantastic new park - and a stormwater detention pond in times of heavy rain - I hope that homes will be drier and healthier and that Northcote kids will be able to walk to school with dry feet in the future.”

Greenslade reserve and the work on the Awataha greenway and stream are just some of the work Panuku is leading to make Northcote a safer, healthier and more prosperous neighbourhood.

Councillor Richard Hills says this is an example of integrated design to build crucial stormwater solutions and provide great facilities for our community.

“The transformation of Greenslade Reserve will provide our local residents with an awesome and improved shared space for sport, recreation and provide a new wetland in an urban environment.”

Kaipātiki Local Board’s chairperson, John Gillon, says: “The daylighting at the northern end of the Greenslade Reserve will help improve the quality of stormwater as it travels through Northcote along the new Awataha Greenway.”

"The rejuvenated sports field and recreational area on the town centre's doorstep will provide a great outdoor facility for the people of Northcote and the wider Kaipātiki area."

The project will:

  • improve water quality and drainage
  • reduce flooding in the Northcote town centre
  • improve the surface and drainage of the playing field and amenities for community use
  • connect the community to its natural environment with a native planted wetland.

Project Manager, Gwilym van Hoffen explains what’s due to take place.

“We’re going to lower the ground level of the playing field as if it were in a natural occurring basin, redirect stormwater pipes above ground to improve the stormwater network and install new drainage which will also stop the town centre flooding,” says van Hoffen.

“The aim is to get the playing field sand carpeted and planted with couch grass to get players back enjoying the game as soon as we can. The reserve will be closed during construction.”

“We’re excited about turning an underutilised resource into a multi-functional and multi-purpose open space, designed and planted to respect the history of the people and the land, the geology and the natural environment and habitat.”

“We’re creating an urban wetland by leaving a natural, daylit channel where there was previously a large stormwater pipe.”

As the project unfolds the aim is to involve the community and of course keep everyone up to speed on construction and an alternative route for pedestrians for temporary public access during construction.

If you have any queries about this project please call 09 301 0101 or visit aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/greensladereserve

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