19 June 2019

Wynyard Central achieves Homestar 7 and 8

Wynyard Central achieves Homestar 7 and 8

Willis Bond & Co’s recently completed development – Wynyard Central – has set a new standard for sustainable living.

Wynyard Central is the first large-scale, multi-unit, residential development in New Zealand to achieve a Homestar design minimum of a 7-star rating for sustainability and energy efficiency. All homes in the development have been awarded a Homestar Built certification, with over 80% of the homes achieving an impressive 8-stars.

Designed to stand the test of time, Wynyard Central’s sustainable and passive design principles have helped craft comfortable, safe and healthy homes for many generations to come, earning the development high praise on the Homestar scale.

“The vision for Wynyard Quarter is to create a lasting waterfront community.” says Willis Bond Managing Director, Mark McGuinness.

“Willis Bond is committed to implementing considered and sustainable designs that sit harmoniously within their surroundings and benefit those who enjoy them today and those who will in the future.”

Most existing New Zealand homes sitting at 2 - 3 out of 10 on the Homestar scale, with a ‘typical’ home built to current New Zealand Building Code requirements sitting at 3 - 4 out of 10, says Katelyn Orton – Project Development Director Waterfront at Panuku.

“Panuku is immensely proud of our partnership with Willis Bond and what we’ve been able to achieve with Wynyard Central,” says Orton.

Going forward, Wynyard Central will pay a pivotal role in the wider Wynyard Quarter ‘Smart Precinct’. Using data gathered from smart energy, water metering and building management systems, the development will provide critical environmental feedback to Panuku and their partners.

Passive design is a focus of Wynyard Central, with apartments requiring no artificial heating and cooling for 80 percent of the year and no artificial lighting in living spaces for 80 percent of annual daylight hours.

Wynyard Central is an example of commitment to creating and enhancing communities, and a dedication to setting the tone for future New Zealand developments.

Find out more details about how Willis Bond achieved this rating.

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