The plans guiding Northcote’s regeneration

The plans guiding Northcote’s regeneration - Northcote

The Northcote Town Centre Benchmark Masterplan outlines Panuku’s plan for town centre renewal. It shows how the renewed town centre will offer all the things that locals need including eateries, shops and public spaces while retaining a distinctly Northcote flavour.

Released in April 2019, this plan was developed in collaboration with Kaipātiki Local Board and mana whenua and is based on more than a decade of legacy planning and community input.

Specifically, it builds on the Northcote Framework Plan which shapes the scope of the project and develops the high-level concepts into robust proposals for achieving regeneration.

We completed it in November 2016 in collaboration with Kāinga Ora (formerly HLC), the Auckland Council family, Kaipātiki Local Board, mana whenua and local community groups.

It also builds on the previous High Level Project Plan which provides Panuku with the Auckland Council mandate to make change in Northcote. In this document we highlight key actions that need to be taken, including making better use of properties the council owns.