Why are we regenerating Onehunga?

Why are we regenerating Onehunga? - Onehunga
In December 2015 Auckland Council agreed that Onehunga should be a key area for regeneration.

It was chosen because:

  • Onehunga has as great location on the edge of the Manukau Harbour, 10km from both Auckland’s CBD and Auckland Airport
  • It has excellent public transport and other infrastructure that can accommodate future growth
  • The Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board had already undergone planning and see its transformation as a key priority
  • There was support from the community and politicians
  • Demand for Onehunga is high - people want to live there
  • Onehunga Wharf has huge potential
  • There are many council-owned properties in Onehunga that could be better used, including community facilities

The transformation covers a 600ha area, which incorporates around 80ha of land owned by Auckland Council or its subsidiaries.

The over-arching plan for the redevelopment (known as the High Level Project Plan or HLPP) was approved by Auckland Council’s Planning Committee on 28 March 2017.