Chapter 2

Pukekohe Streets for People

Pukekohe Streets for People - Pukekohe

The Innovating Streets for People programme is designed to help create more people-friendly spaces in our towns and cities. It aims to make it faster and easier to transition streets to safer and more usable spaces

The idea behind Innovating Streets for People is ‘co-design by trial’. This is a new approach where the local community has a greater say in redesigning their own neighbourhoods. Various ideas can be tested, and tweaks can be made to find what works best.

From late April to 30 June 2021, an Innovating Streets for People project will be running in Pukekohe, involving temporary trials in King Street and Devon Lane.

The ‘Pukekohe Streets for People’ project is led by Panuku Development Auckland (Panuku) and Auckland Transport with the majority funded by Waka Kotahi (NZ Transport Agency). The majority of the project is funded by Waka Kotahi (NZ Transport Agency) through their Innovating Streets programme, which funds community-based initiatives to make streets safer and more liveable.

The concepts for the trial were informed by a series of co-design sessions with a local advisory group, businesses, and youth, as well as drop-in sessions in the town centre.

Now, we're installing these temporary changes, and we want to know what you think about them. Visit our Have Your Say page to tell us what's working, what isn't and any ideas you have for improvements.

What’s happening?

We will be trailing a series of temporary activities to enhance the vibrancy of Pukekohe’s town centre. This project focuses on making it safer for people to walk around Pukekohe as well as creating space for outdoor dining and trialling the market into the town square.

From late April 2021, a series of exciting temporary trials will be rolled out in stages on King Street and Devon Lane:

King Street temporary upgrade – to be installed from 20 April (weather permitting)

A one-way road layout creates a safe space for people to walk, opportunities for outdoor dining, and improves traffic flow in Pukekohe. The upgrades will:

  • Enhances the vibrancy of the town centre.
  • Makes it easier to cross the road.
  • Provides more space for local businesses.

Devon Lane temporary upgrade – to be installed from 27 April (weather permitting)

Making Devon Lane one way gives people more space to walk safely, while improving road safety for drivers. There are also opportunities to create murals or street art in this space. The upgrades will:

  • Make it easier for people to park in the Farmers car park and walk to the town centre.
  • Improves pedestrian safety in Devon Lane.
  • Opportunities for street art, adding colour and vibrancy to Pukekohe.
  • Improves safety for vehicles exiting on Edinburgh St

Why Pukekohe?

There has been significant growth in the areas around Pukekohe in recent years, and more growth is likely in the future.

To ensure Pukekohe is well-prepared for this growth, Panuku has started working on a 10-year plan for the Pukekohe Town Centre in partnership with mana whenua, the Franklin Local Board, Auckland Transport and Auckland Council.

Our early thinking involves improvements to Devon Lane and King Street, and the potential redevelopment of some car parks over the next 10 years.

The Pukekohe Streets for People project will help us to trial some of these ideas on a temporary basis to see whether they work for the Pukekohe community. Your feedback about these trials will be incorporated into the masterplan for Pukekohe.

The ‘trial’ approach

We are taking a ‘trial’ approach which means we will test and tweak ideas to see how well they work.

The trial starts in late April 2021 and runs until 30 June 2021. The three projects will be installed in stages, starting in King St, then moving on to Devon Lane.

Throughout the trial, we’ll make adjustments based on community feedback and our observations, and the long-term future of these projects will be assessed at the end of June. If the Pukekohe community is happy with these changes, we’ll work to keep them.

Working with the Pukekohe community

The Pukekohe Streets for People project has been working with and in the local Pukekohe community from the beginning.

The current plans have been developed through a series of co-design sessions with a local advisory panel. This panel includes representatives from Pukekohe Business Association,local organisations such as Toimauri Collective, Franklin Arts Centre, the Franklin Markets, Vakatautua and various Auckland Council departments (Panuku, the Franklin Local Board and Community Empowerment).

There have also been co-design sessions with local businesses and a workshop with youth, and drop-in sessions in the town centre. The feedback gathered from these workshops have informed the Pukekohe Streets for People plans (see the major themes below).

The next step is to see how these ideas work in practice – and listen to the people who use these places to find out what’s working and what isn’t.

Please give your feedback at our Have Your Say page by 12 June 2021 – this is your chance to inform the future plans for Pukekohe Town Centre.