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20 August 2021

Let’s talk about the future of Old Papatoetoe together

Sign up for your online community session here or call us on 0800 PANUKU SOUTH with your feedback. All ideas are welcome!

At Eke Panuku (a council-controlled organisation), we deliver urban regeneration throughout Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland. We’re excited to introduce the Old Papatoetoe Masterplan, and are keen to discuss it with you via our online community feedback sessions.

We’ve been working on future-proofing Old Papatoetoe since the start of 2017, and having made a few key development moves already, we’re now ready to firm up our masterplan.

Keep reading to find out more information on our plan, then give us your feedback and ideas in one of two ways.

You can tell us what you’d like to see in your Old Papatoetoe at our online community feedback sessions. Book yourself into a session here.

The community feedback sessions will be taking place online on:

  • Tuesday 17 August: 1pm-2:30pm and 3pm-4:30pm
  • Thursday 19 August: 1pm-2.30pm
  • Monday 23 August: 3pm-4:30pm
  • Wednesday 25 August: 7pm-8:30pm
  • Friday 27 August: 10:30am-12pm
  • Wednesday 1 September: 6:30pm-8pm (Samoan)
  • Thursday 2 September: 10:30am-12pm (Tongan) and 5:30pm-7pm (Hindi & Punjabi)
  • Friday 3 September: 3pm-4:30pm (Māori) and 5:30pm-7pm (Hindi & Punjabi)

The focus of these workshops is on coming up with ideas for how future development in Old Papatoetoe can:

  • Improve green spaces
  • Create play & gathering spaces
  • Strengthen community services
  • Celebrate the area’s cultural & historic identity

We’ll start with an overview of the masterplan for context and then discuss these themes in small group discussions, with space for sharing and questions as a whole group in-between each.

This workshop will not be covering issues around parking, roading or transport. If you have feedback or concerns around any of these issues, the best way to contact us is on the free phone 0800 PANUKU SOUTH (0800 726858 76884) where you can leave a voice message which will come directly to us.

All the feedback received will be compiled into a report and used to help us fine-tune and finish off our masterplan.

Green spaces

A recent report has shown that Papatoetoe lacks enough green spaces to gather, meet, relax and play. We’ve decided that Stadium Reserve, the green space by the Allan Brewster Leisure Centre, should be improved to better serve the Old Papatoetoe community.

We are proposing to repurpose the current bowling green, which is on council land, into a new green space that can be used by everyone. Be sure to attend one of our community feedback sessions to let us know how you’d like this space to be used. Ideas include:

  • Community-oriented activities.
  • Spaces to play light / informal sports and exercise.
  • Opportunities to learn about growing your own food.
  • Somewhere to socialise with your friends and your dog.
  • A playground for ages 0-12 and all abilities.

We have also looked at providing a shared accessway to improve how people move around.

New homes

Over the next 10 years, we plan to bring at least 260 new, warm, dry, sustainable homes to Old Papatoetoe, meaning that around 500 people will be able to live in the area. This will in turn boost local business.

St George’s Lanes (our Old Papatoetoe flagship site) will see up to 133 housing units built, and will also bring new shops to the main street. We’ve ensured that this part of Old Papatoetoe will make getting around easier, while also reflecting the area’s rich heritage.

Bringing more people in to the town centre will help make it a safer place, with people nearby at any time of day.

Connecting the town centre

We know that some motorists like to use Tavern Lane as a crafty shortcut, which causes traffic congestion where there should be none. As such, we’re working with Auckland Transport to address this issue.

To ease congestion at the St George Street / Shirley Road intersection, we will be closing the traffic connection to St George Street from Tavern Lane (which is technically not a road, but a driveway). Walking and cycling access will be kept open.

Also proposed is an extension of Cambridge Terrace to meet Stadium Lane. This will streamline travel between Puhinui Road and the town centre by making it easier to walk and cycle though.

Meanwhile, the freshly-reopened Puhinui Station provides fast, frequent and easy connections to the city centre and the airport. This new station will shorten the travel time to 10 minutes to the airport, 23 minutes to Manukau, and around 30 minutes to Auckland City.

A possible Community Hub

As part of the project, there is an opportunity to create a new community hub, which could combine the existing library and other community services in one central location.

The town hall and chambers buildings have a lot of history in the community and we have done some thinking about whether the unique history of these buildings and their central location could provide an exciting combination for a future community hub.

We are wanting to hear your feedback on whether you support the community hub idea, where it could be located and what you would like to see included.

Tell us your ideas for Old Papatoetoe

We want to know your big ideas (or small ones), so that we can ensure we are achieving the best outcomes for Old Papatoetoe. Sign up for your online community session here or call us on 0800 PANUKU SOUTH with your feedback. All ideas are welcome!

Old Papatoetoe Masterplan information

Old Papatoetoe Masterplan timeline

17 June 2021

Takapuna’s street improvement trial to get underway

A trial to test improvements to the layouts of Takapuna’s Huron and Northcroft streets will soon get underway.

Eke Panuku Development Auckland has been working with Takapuna locals to shape the temporary design solutions to improve Huron and Northcroft streets for people moving around Takapuna.

Locally known as being windy, unsafe, and unpleasant for people, Huron and Northcroft streets also form part of the walking route between a new car park building, Toka Puia, and the future Takapuna town square.

In June and July, the community will begin to see the temporary design solutions popping up on the streets. The installations will be trialled for their effectiveness at addressing issues identified by the local community in a series of co-design sessions held last year.

Pedestrian safety, slower vehicle speeds, wider and more even footpaths, improvements managing bus traffic, better-designed parking, and protection from the wind were some of the key issues and opportunities raised.

“The trial is a great opportunity for the local community to help shape the long-term design of the Takapuna town centre.”
— Kate Cumberpatch, Priority Location Director

“The trial is about testing ways to make these streets safer for people, more vibrant and less dominated by traffic.

“The next step is to see how the ideas work in practice and listen to the community to find out what’s working and what isn’t. If something isn’t working or locals would like something changed, the project team can tweak or remove them.”

Innovating Streets is a nationwide programme initiated by Waka Kotahi to make it faster and easier to transition our streets to safer and more liveable spaces.

Unlike the traditional method of gathering feedback to proposed plans, the project trials allow community members to interact with the changes in real-time.

“Takapuna deservingly won out against other centres to be part of an Innovating Streets trial.”
— North Shore Ward Councillor Chris Darby

“We’ve secured additional investment to explore creative solutions to bring new life to Huron and Northcroft streets. The trial project also enhances the short walk between the new Toka Puia car park and the soon to be realised town square, making Takapuna even easier to get around.”

Weather permitting, the temporary changes are expected to take up to 20 days to install and will be completed in stages across both Huron and Northcroft streets. The trial includes:

  • Speed bumps to slow traffic
  • A new pedestrian island/crossing point on Lake Road
  • New median strips on Northcroft Street to make it easier for people crossing the street
  • A new traffic island on Northcroft Street to slow traffic
  • Rearranging some of the car parks on Huron Street to create a wider footpath and make it easier for people crossing the street
  • Two new mobility parks on Northcroft Street
  • Decorative planter boxes
  • Creation of wind and rain shelters along Huron Street
  • Colourful painting on the road and pavement.

The changes are temporary, with any long-term plans depending on the success of this trial. Bus routes, frequency of buses and bus layover spaces will not be affected.

During the trial, which will last through June and July, the community will be encouraged to leave feedback, while a monitoring and evaluation study will measure vehicle speed and monitor how the streets are being used by people, alongside safety audits. All this information will inform decisions around future design improvements to these streets.

Ruth Jackson, Chair of Devonport-Takapuna Local Board, says:

“The great thing about these trials is that people can experience them in 3D reality, rather than just see a 2D plan – and multiple versions can be trialled to make sure we’ve got it right before putting any permanent changes in place. I encourage residents to leave feedback to enable Panuku to respond to any concerns and make improvements.”

For more information and to leave your feedback on the project, visit the official Takapuna Streets for People page.

​About Innovating Streets for People

The Innovating Streets for People programme is designed to help create more people-friendly spaces in our towns and cities. It aims to make it faster and easier to transition our streets to safer and more liveable spaces through trialling quick, low-cost improvements in the road reserve. The idea behind Innovating Streets for People is ‘co-design by trial’. This is a new approach where the local community has a greater say in redesigning their neighbourhoods. Various ideas can be tested, and tweaks can be made to find what works best.

04 June 2021

Transport outcomes agreed for key downtown redevelopment opportunity

In an exciting step for the city centre, Auckland Council’s Planning Committee has approved the transport outcomes for the redevelopment of the Downtown Car Park site, which alongside the urban regeneration outcomes agreed last year, will deliver a high quality, mixed-use development that includes future-focused transport facilities.

With the strategic outcomes for the site agreed, it can be taken to a competitive market process to find a development partner that can help deliver the vision of a harbour edge stitch that unites the city centre and waterfront, as outlined in the City Centre Masterplan.

Situated in a prominent downtown location, the site is key to connecting the city centre with the waterfront neighbourhoods in Viaduct Harbour and Wynyard Quarter to the west.

The committee has agreed that potential development partners should provide proposals that respond to the previously agreed urban regeneration outcomes along with the following transport outcomes:

·a bus facility (including short term bus layover, charging facilities for electric buses, active bus stops and passenger amenities), either by removing the Lower Hobson Street flyover and replacing it with an accessible on-street bus facility, or as part of the site redevelopment, which also includes potential removal of the flyover

·a flexible, accessible multimodal transport hub that can change over time and supports public access to micromobility (cycling and e-scooters), including end-of-journey facilities, mobility parking, and a micro freight distribution hub

·no specification on the number of short stay car parks but proposals to include details of the car parking required to meet the objectives of the development and any additional public short stay car parking they propose to provide

Bus access to the city centre is already the backbone of the public transport network, with 450 buses bringing the same number of people into the city every morning as 30,000 cars. On top of that, the demand for public transport into the city centre is set to grow substantially in the coming decades.

By incorporating future-focused transport facilities into the development, the site will help accommodate and facilitate this anticipated growth in people coming to and moving around the city centre. This will increasingly take place will via public transport, walking and cycling, as envisioned through Access for Everyone (A4E).

The redevelopment of this prominent site will continue the downtown transformation that has been taking place over the past decade, with significant investment and work already completed by the Auckland Council Group and private investment.

“The development will transform a poorly designed, unattractive car parking building into an iconic precinct in line with nearby Commercial Bay and the Viaduct Basin.”
— Mayor Phil Goff

“Auckland’s downtown is undergoing an exciting transformation with projects such as the Harbourside Park, Te Komititanga and the upgraded Quay Street helping to create a vibrant and people-friendly city centre,” he says.

“This project will build on this transformational energy. It will revitalise a currently tired area and create a world-class, environmentally attractive urban space that will become a magnet for business and investment and a thriving place to live, work, visit and shop.”

Auckland Council’s Planning Committee Chair Chris Darby says this decision marks a decisive step towards delivering the Auckland City Centre Masterplan vision in downtown, while accommodating the city centre’s future transport needs.

“The Downtown Car Park is the most exciting site in central Auckland; it’s in a spectacular waterfront location at the heart of the city centre’s transport system. We have a significant opportunity to get creative solutions from the market about how we deliver a big improvement in the public realm in this part of town. This will complete a major section of the City Centre Laneway circuit, strengthening its connections with the harbour edge stitch. It also supports the shift to sustainable transport modes, which has long been a key part of the City Centre Masterplan.

“Redevelopment of the Downtown Car Park has been in our City Centre Masterplan since 2012. I look forward to this process progressing to find the best way forward to meet both our urban development and transport outcomes.”

Auckland Transport Chief Executive Shane Ellison says: “It’s fantastic news that we’ve locked in the transport requirements to address the needs of customers accessing the city centre. We’ve made it very clear that any development of the Downtown Car Park needs to cater for the changes we will see in how people are coming to New Zealand’s economic centre, and what is being transformed into vibrant and high-quality urban spaces.”

“Sites of this significance present big opportunities for urban development in the city centre.”
— Eke Panuku Chief Executive David Rankin

“Already the downtown area has completely changed in the past decade or so with both public and private investment,” he says.

“This decision will enable us to go to the market with clear outcomes and deliver more first-class design in the city centre, in line with the council’s City Centre Masterplan. We must make sure any redevelopment improves the surrounding environment as well as meeting both our current and future transport needs.”

Eke Panuku Development Auckland will now prepare for a competitive market process for the site, set to start in July.

The urban regeneration outcomes for the site, as agreed in December 2020, include:

  • a high-quality mixed-use development with active uses fronting public streets and laneways. The mix of uses should support a rich ecosystem of daytime and night-time economy;
  • a mix of residential typologies;
  • outstanding architectural quality that contributes positively to Auckland’s harbour edge cityscape and makes good use of its strategic downtown location;
  • building height and bulk in accordance with the Auckland Unitary Plan, to achieve a human scale podium edge to the street, with a slender tower (or towers) that contribute positively to the skyline;
  • incorporation of Te Aranga Māori design principles;
  • best practice universal design at all stages;
  • commercial and retail development with a minimum Green Star rating of five; and
  • residential development with a minimum Home Star rating of eight.

25 March 2021

Ormiston Town Centre is open for business

​Ormiston Town Centre officially opened its doors for business this morning.

The major retail destination, delivered by Todd Property Group in partnership with Panuku Development Auckland, is part of a 19-hectare development in south-east Auckland, an area with a rapidly growing population.

Approximately 88,000 people call Ormiston home, and this number is projected to grow with more homes being planned along with commercial and community development. Until today, there has been a lack of shops, homes and eateries available to this growing community.

Adele White, Howick Local Board chair, says that the Ormiston Town Centre will become the heart of the Ormiston and Flat Bush community.

“Local residents now have a hub for their fast-growing community – a place where they can come together to meet, shop, socialize, and enjoy all that this fine centre has to offer.”

David Rankin, Chief Executive of Panuku says the new town centre is an important milestone for the existing and future community, with new homes continuing to pop up in the area.

“We’re proud to have worked together with Todd Property to deliver a high-quality town centre for the people of Ormiston and Flat Bush. This a great result and will ensure Ormiston continues to be a place that people love to live in Auckland.”

Ormiston Town Centre now offers supermarkets, gyms, a cinema complex, department stores, food and beverage outlets, and a mix of health and beauty and specialty services.

You can find out more about what’s on offer at Ormiston Town Centre

09 March 2021

City centre development will add homes, commercial and retail spaces

New homes and space for business will be created at the heart of Auckland’s public transport network as a key city centre site is destined to become a new mixed-use development.

Panuku Development Auckland is partnering with international property developer Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad (MRCB) who, with experienced local development and project management company RCP, will deliver the urban regeneration of the site above City Rail Link’s Aotea Station at the corner of Mayoral Drive and Wellesley Street which is currently under construction.

The over-station development by MRCB, known provisionally as Aotea Central, will be designed to revitalise mid-town and support what will be Auckland’s busiest train station.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says the development will be positive for Auckland’s city centre.

“MRCB has experience in developing integrated commercial and residential properties around transportation hubs and a good reputation for the design and quality of its developments,” he says.

“The project will replace what was once a car park with modern, well-designed and high-density housing, as well as shops and commercial spaces in the heart of our city. The apartments and businesses it creates will have a great location, situated above the City Rail Link Aotea Station. It makes travel convenient and it’s close to attractions such as the Art Gallery and Aotea Centre.”

Central Auckland is destined to become an even more vibrant place to live and work for its around 40,000 residents and 130,000 people who work there.

The new development will be a 21-storey building with a mixture of retail, commercial and residential space. Early concepts show a striking design with terraced planting being a key feature. As well as integrated access to Aotea Station, the development will connect to the surrounding area with laneways, offering places for people to meet and spend time.

The 4780m² site, formerly a car park used for Auckland Council fleet parking at the intersection of Mayoral Drive and Wellesley Street, is currently being used to support the City Rail Link construction.

MRCB has a track record of delivering internationally acclaimed Transport-orientated developments.

Ravi Krishnan, Chief Executive Officer of MRCB International, is pleased that Aotea Central development has provided the opportunity for MRCB to contribute to Auckland’s development landscape. “We are incredibly excited to deliver what will be a truly unique and transformational development for Auckland. Aotea Central will be an exemplar mixed-use, transport-oriented development that positively contributes to and enhances Auckland’s mid-town and the city centre more generally.”

MRCB has partnered with New Zealand-based RCP on the development project and has assembled a multi-disciplinary team of market-leading experts with international, national and local experience. The team, which includes global architecture studio Woods Bagot, will work together to successfully realise the vision of the Aotea Central development.

RCP, with 25 years’ practical project delivery experience in many of the largest and most complex projects in New Zealand, is providing dual development and project management expertise. The company has been integral to the strategic thinking and curation of MRCB’s successful high-rise, mixed-use development proposal for the site.

RCP’s Cristean Monreal, the project’s Development Director, says: “We’re immensely proud of the innovative outcomes we facilitated in our development proposal, which pushes the boundaries in the way Auckland thinks about transport-oriented developments.

“The RCP team is excited to be working alongside development partners Panuku Development Auckland, Auckland Council and City Rail Link to deliver a landmark development never before seen in New Zealand.”

“The Council is committed to the success of the City Rail Link to further enable Auckland to be a world-class city.”
— Auckland Council’s Head of Corporate Property, Rod Aitken

“We are glad to be able to support the city’s growth by releasing a car park to be developed into a precinct that will provide a unique experience for many. Providing opportunities to work and live alongside and above the emerging Aotea Station will transform this area of our city by offering terrific access for all to nearby entertainment, restaurants and shopping.”

Panuku Chief Executive David Rankin says ensuring the right type of development partner was key.

“On behalf of Auckland Council, we sought a particular type of development partner which would understand the rare opportunity to contribute to the regeneration of this unique mid-town location. MRCB has a long history of quality transport-oriented developments in Malaysia and is committed to transforming the Mayoral Drive site to appeal to those wanting vibrant inner-city living and a low carbon lifestyle right here in the centre of Auckland.”

The 125-year lease-hold site has been sold for $40 million following a fully contestable market process supported by an independent valuation. The development will begin after the construction of the City Rail Link’s Aotea Station, which is due to be completed in 2024. Significant construction planning will ensure minimal disruption to the station and surrounding businesses.

18 May 2022

Charter signing secures the future health of Te Puhinui Stream

Key project partners have come together as founding signatories of Te Whakaoranga o Te Puhinui – Puhinui Regeneration charter, signalling their ongoing support for a new collaborative way of working, led by indigenous knowledge. This will guide future urban renewal projects, community action and investment across the Puhinui catchment.

Te Whakaoranga o Te Puhinui - Puhinui Regeneration is a living strategy that sets out a roadmap for action to restore the environment and communities of Te Puhinui to health. The underpinning principles and aspirational outcomes are encapsulated in a collaborative charter that has been co-authored by the key project partners over the past three years and was signed at a special commemorative ceremony in Manurewa yesterday evening.

Suggested and primarily driven by Te Waiohua Iwi (Ngaati Te Ata Waiohua, Ngaati Tamaoho and Te Ākitai Waiohua), the charter was endorsed by Auckland Council’s Governing Body at its August 2021 meeting for ratification however the project partners were unable to gather to sign it at the time.

This ground-breaking document is the culmination of many years of collaboration among Te Waiohua, the council whānau, Ōtara-Papatoetoe and Manurewa local boards, Kāinga Ora, Te Papa Atawhai (DOC), and local community groups. It enables Te Waiohua iwi to fulfil their role as kaitiaki to this area and is supported by a comprehensive regeneration strategy outlining a range of initiatives and capital works required over the near and far term to enable ‘Te Whakaora’ - the bringing of health to Te Puhinui.

Representatives from Auckland Council, Te Waiohua iwi (Ngaati Tamaoho Waiohua, Ngaati Te Ata and Te Ākitai Waiohua), Kāinga Ora, Eke Panuku Development Auckland, Ōtara-Papatoetoe and Manurewa local boards pledged their commitment by signing the document, with several other key community partners signing a register of support for the charter.

Te Ākitai Waiohua chair Karen Wilson said she is humbled by the opportunity to have support from mana whenua to develop the charter.

“For us this is an important step towards realising our own tino rangatiratanga and being able to protect and look after our places and people and carry out our manaaki and kaitiaki responsibilities which we have been fighting to be able to do for over 200 years," she said.

“It has truly been a collective effort to get to this point. The support from the wider mana whenua roopu and their endorsement of us leading this mahi has allowed the Waiohua iwi to come together as a collective, strengthening those hononga to collaborate on this document.

“I would like to acknowledge all of those involved so far in this kaupapa and those organisations who have been doing what they can for the tuupuna awa. I would also like to acknowledge the founding signatories on their commitment through this charter and urge them to continue to prioritise and value the solutions that exist in maatauranga Maaori."

Mayor Phil Goff (pictured above) said it was good to see the Puhinui Stream being restored to a clean and beautiful waterway after decades of degradation.

“I played in this stream as a kid but after years of it being a dumping ground for rubbish and suffering from pollution, nobody would wish to play in it today,” he said.

“In common with actions being taken across the city, it’s time to restore ‘te mana o te wai’ to the stream, to give it back its life-giving qualities.

“We want people in our urban areas to enjoy clean and open streams, with the areas around them planted in shrubs and trees and providing play areas for kids, as well as cycling and walking paths.

“It’s great to be entering into a partnership between council, mana whenua, and other stakeholders to work together to restore and manage Te Puhinui as an important natural asset for the people who live around it."

A direct response to the Manukau Framework Plan, which sets out the approach for how Eke Panuku and its partners will transform Manukau over the next 20 to 25 years, Te Whakaoranga o Te Puhinui – Puhinui Regeneration takes a holistic approach to the whakaoranga of the stream, which includes the health of tangata, whenua and taiao (people, place and nature).

Eke Panuku chair Paul Majurey says, “As the last remaining natural area in this part of the Manukau, and an important link to the cultural and ecological heritage, Eke Panuku is incredibly proud to be leading the collaboration with Te Waiohua to restore the mauri of Te Puhinui as part of our Transform Manukau programme”.

“Four years ago, Te Waiohua challenged us to think bigger than our traditional programme boundaries here. To look at the whole catchment and implement a mai i ngā maunga ki te moana, mountains-to-sea approach.

“This truly embodies the meaning of regeneration and requires innovation and partnership. The next critical stage for this kaupapa is to bring the charter and strategy to life through action and will require many hands. Much work is already planned and underway to regenerate health to this catchment environment and its communities."

Find out more about Te Whakakoranga o Te Puhinui – Puhinui Regeneration here.

​Te Whakakoranga o Te Puhinui – Puhinui Regeneration signatories:

Te Waiohua Chairs - Karen Wilson (Te Ākitai Waiohua), Nick Maaka (Ngaati Tamaoho) and Riki Minhinnick (Ngaati Te Ata)

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff

Ōtara - Papatoetoe Local Board chair Apulu Reece Autagavaia

Eke Panuku board chair Paul Majurey

Kāinga Ora board chair Vui Mark Gosche

11 May 2022

Building local connections

Originally published in the NZ Herald By Bill Bennett

To Eke Panuku general manager of design and place Gyles Bendall, a key measure of success is how people talk about their local centre and whether they prefer to stay there.

"The way they describe it is important. If people love their place, they show that in the way they talk, that's what success looks like," says Bendall. "It is also a success if they stay in those locations. If multiple generations of people stay in the location over time, that is because they have a true connection to the place".

Panuku has produced a guidance document, Thriving Town Centres, which pulls together lessons learnt over the last decade of Auckland town centre urban regeneration.

It brings together all the ways the urban development agency works to create strong, vibrant neighbourhoods across Tāmaki Makaurau-Auckland. There are experiences and lessons; a list of six principles for building successful town centres and a toolbox to help anyone outside the organisation gain insight into Panuku's approach.

Click to read the full story here

Click to read the guidance document, Thriving Town Centres

08 May 2022

Helping to build thriving communities - one place at a time…

It’s something most Kiwis experience in one way or another, and one of our most important duties as a regeneration agency, but the word is not well understood in the mainstream. That’s why the Kūmara Awards were created - to celebrate and spread the word about placemaking.

Placemaking is all about building relationships between people and place, and placemakers need to think carefully about how local communities can be meaningfully involved in the making of each place. This means thinking about how these spaces will be used, how they look and feel, and how they can best enrich the lives of everyone who uses them. Through placemaking, the people of a place play a strong, cooperative role in the building of their public places. It’s an inclusive approach which can benefit all outcomes – social, commercial, and everything in between.

But isn’t placemakers a hardware store, we hear you ask? Well, that’s why the Kūmara Awards exist. Launched by Placemaking Aotearoa in 2020, the team behind the awards are “on a mission to celebrate fabulous placemaking happening across Aotearoa.” It’s exciting, inspiring stuff, as you can see in this video (featuring our very own head of placemaking, Frith Walker!):

Video: Onehunga's town centre development
Play video
Meet the Kūmara Awards!

“The Kūmara Awards are all about celebrating local placemaking mahi,” said Frith, who was awarded the Place Leadership 2021 Award by Place Leaders Asia Pacific last year for her collaborative and regenerative approach to placemaking. “These are tricky times where we are realising just how fragile our systems are – and so placemaking feels like a really important way of building the things that keep us safe and secure as humans.

“The Kūmara Awards are a beautiful opportunity to recognise all of the incredible and meaningful work that is happening throughout our communities, which is why we think they are a jolly good thing to be a part of.”

Placemaking has gifted the Eke Panuku team some tremendously enjoyable, rewarding mahi. Some of our favourite placemaking projects from the past few years include the eco-centric Jessie Tonar Scout Reserve, the 312 Hub in Onehunga, the Avondale Pavilion project, Panmure’s Hop, Skip n Jump navigation signage, the beautiful Auburn Street mural in Takapuna, and Manukau’s journeys of Manu.

We’ve got plenty of placemaking goodness in the pipeline, too, as Eke Panuku placemaker Roxanne Haines explains:

“The whole team’s excited to work with our fellow Aucklanders to help them discover and build stronger relationships with our city in the coming months and years. We’re particularly looking forward to Matariki, when there will be some placemaking initiatives underway to help people to engage with themselves, each other and the city we call home.”

So keep an eye out for a placemaking project near you – it might be one of ours…

This year’s Kūmara Awards will be held in October. Find out more about the awards here: https://www.placemaking.nz/kumara-awards

29 April 2022

Spectacular sights on your waterfront for City of Colour

This May is all about coming together with City of Colour, where you can discover over 50 art and lighting installations across the city centre in the form of an immersive, visually captivating trail. There will be sights to see day and night from 6 – 22 May, and of course, your waterfront has lots to enjoy – on land and at sea!

Night Lights Dragon Boat Festival

For one, there will be exciting twilight dragon boat racing taking place within Westhaven Marina. The inaugural Night Lights Dragon Boat Festival will bring communities and culture together with a fusion of creative lighting display created by Angus Muir and cultural entertainment from Tung Tek Lion Dancing Association and the Epsom Chinese Association

Originating from China's southern Guangdong Province, dragon boats are a popular part of Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland’s maritime scene, so this event is an exciting addition to the City of Colour celebrations. We can’t wait to host this event at Westhaven Marina (in the St Mary’s Bay water space) on Saturday 14th May (5pm – 9pm) with the wellbeing and community-focused Auckland Dragon Boat Association.

Get ready for dragon boat racing
Get ready for dragon boat racing

Silo Park

With its recent upgrade and extension, Silo Park now boasts a vibrant play area called the Playline. Adorning bright yellow pipes and fittings that were repurposed from the previous Bulk Storage Terminal, these colourful interactive features can now be enjoyed by the public. There’s a swing set, sections that light up, a talking tube that carries sound from one end to the other, and lots of other interesting play elements to discover.

For City of Colour specifically, the mighty Tank 117 will be lit with a vibrant autumnal light show choreographed to welcome people back into the city. Nearby, you can check out Echo, the first installation to feature in the Silo Park’s newly commissioned 'exhibition tank'. This immersive audio-visual experience by Suren Unka and Angus Muir can be viewed by looking through the portholes into the vast tank structure!

Visual visits

With Neon Ocean, a community of vibrant sea creatures that call the Waitematā Harbour their home will be visiting us on the surface for a limited time, you’ll find a school of neon fish waving in the wind and wiggling beneath your feet.

Behind Silo Park, meanwhile, discover City of Colour in Black and White. This outdoor photo exhibition by photographer and rollerskater Madi Collis captures the vibrant humans who skate, bike and play ball on Auckland’s waterfront.

. ‘City of Colour in Black and White’, by Madi Collis
. ‘City of Colour in Black and White’, by Madi Collis

Mahi toi

You’ll of course find beautiful lighting and mahi toi (artwork) displays throughout Wynyard Quarter and the surrounding waterfront, such as Papatūānuku on Tīramarama Way and the epic ‘Mai I ngā maunga ki te moana’ (‘from the mountains to the sea’) mural on the Amey Daldy pump station.

 ‘Mai I ngā maunga ki te moana’, by mana whenua artists Janine and Charles Williams
‘Mai I ngā maunga ki te moana’, by mana whenua artists Janine and Charles Williams

About City of Colour

Co-curated by award-winning designer Angus Muir and Auckland Council's city centre place activation principal Barbara Holloway, City of Colour is all about coming together to enjoy installations at the Viaduct, Britomart, Te Komititanga, Aotea Square, Vulcan Lane, Freyberg Square, Fort Street, Silo Park, Queen Street and more. We’ll also get to enjoy new looks for locations such as the Town Hall, The Civic, the Sky Tower, the Harbour Bridge, Lightship on Bledisloe Wharf.

So, when you and whānau head out for fun this May, we suggest stopping by your waterfront for some kai in one of the many mouth-watering eateries, before heading down to Silo Park for some illuminated play at the Playline. And of course, we hope to see you all at Westhaven Marina on Saturday 14th May when we come together for plenty of dragon boat fun with great food and entertainment!

City of Colour is a partnership between Heart of the City and the council. Find out more at https://heartofthecity.co.nz/city-of-colour

21 April 2022

Bike hub opens on Tāmaki Makaurau waterfront

Exploring and enjoying your waterfront has just got easier with the opening of a new bike hub! We’ve just welcomed EcoMatters Bike Hubs – who’ve helped fix over 10,000 bikes in just a few years – to Queens Wharf in response to our city’s love of cycling.

This award-winning initiative already has locations in New Lynn, Henderson and Glen Innes, and due to the stunning success of these hubs, EcoMatters have brought one to your waterfront with a bustling celebration. As bike-lovers ourselves, we’re truly excited to welcome EcoMatters as our newest tenant on Queens Wharf – they’re proof that the people of Tāmaki Makaurau love to cycle!

Chlöe Swarbrick MP
Chlöe Swarbrick MP
  • Run by passionate volunteers, the Hubs offer:
  • free access to tools and advice on basic bike maintenance
  • restored and safety-checked second-hand bikes for sale
  • used and new bike parts and accessories
  • safe cycling advice and guidance
  • free cycling maps, including Flat White Ride and Pedal Puketāpapa.
Frith Walker, our head of placemaking, with her own beloved bike
Frith Walker, our head of placemaking, with her own beloved bike

Tāmaki Makaurau is embracing sustainable transport more and more, and this is a huge part of our own daily mahi at Eke Panuku as our head of placemaking, Frith Walker enthuses:

“We’re tremendously happy to be supporting their important mission on Queens Wharf. Our mahi is all about encouraging sustainability and regenerative efforts around the waterfront, where there are lots of wide-open spaces and protected bike lanes to explore right alongside the beautiful Waitematā.

“The Bike Hubs team have shown, time and again, how great their locations are for boosting a neighbourhood’s bike-riding passion and abilities. We can’t wait to see our fellow Aucklanders visiting the new Queens Wharf Hub, learning lots about their bike, before setting off for a ride along their waterfront.

“Thanks to our friends at Bike Auckland, Auckland Transport and Te Whangai Trust for making this possible – we are so grateful.”

Since their New Lynn location opened in April 2017, EcoMatters Bike Hubs have hosted over 30,000 visitors, and have kept more than 2,000 bikes out of the landfill by restoring them. After all, there’s no reason to waste a good bike. The team actively work with visitors, teaching them bike maintenance and boosting Auckland’s love of active transport.

“We’re thrilled that the community response has been so great that we’re able to open our fourth location as we also celebrate our fifth birthday,” said Carla Gee, CEO of EcoMatters Environment Trust.

EcoMatters Bike Hubs Team Leader Brent Bielby said: “We have seen some heartwarming stories, from those who have started as volunteers and became staff members, to humbling acts of generosity from those who see the value in our mahi.”

You can find the Queens Wharf EcoMatters Bike Hub at 89 Quay Street. It’s open from Thursday to Sunday, 10am-4pm.

Find out more about the Bike Hubs at www.ecomatters.org.nz/on-bikes/bike-hubs

13 April 2022

Working with Eke Panuku under the COVID-19 Protection Framework ORANGE setting

Eke Panuku is committed to keeping our tenants and our staff safe and we continue to follow government advice under the COVID-19 Protection Framework in all of the areas we work in or are responsible for. Given the nature of our business this includes everything from property inspections through to working within shared public facilities.

Specific details on requirements are available below.

Even though we are a highly vaccinated country, COVID-19 can still spread in our communities. To slow the spread of the virus, and continue to help protect you, your whānau, and your community, it is important to keep up the healthy habits we know.

  • Regularly wash and thoroughly dry your hands or use hand sanitiser.
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow.
  • Keep your distance from people you do not know.
  • Clean or disinfect shared surfaces often.
  • If you have cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms, stay home and get a test.

Meeting With Our Tenants

When at ORANGE: Virtually or In Person

At Orange setting meetings with tenants can be done either virtually or in person. When in person, wear a face covering and maintain 1m physical distancing.

​Property Inspections and Leasing

Including Landlord maintenance and repairs, compliance inspections.

Commercial Property Inspections

When at ORANGE: In Person

At Orange setting commercial property inspections can be done in person. Wear a face covering and maintain 1m physical distancing.

If the site is following the My Vaccine Pass requirements, please present your My Vaccine Pass when asked to do so.

Residential Property Inspections

When at ORANGE: In Person

At Orange setting residential property inspections can be done in person. Wear a face covering and maintain 1m physical distancing.

Leasing Vacant Property - Commercial

When at ORANGE: In Person

At Orange setting visits to vacant commercial property with prospective tenants can be done in person. Wear a face covering and maintain 1m physical distancing.

Leasing Vacant Property - Residential

When at ORANGE: In Person

At Orange setting visits to vacant residential property with letting agents can be done in person. Wear a face covering and maintain 1m physical distancing.

Working in Common Areas

Indoor Common Areas

When at ORANGE: In Person

At Orange setting visits to sites with indoor common areas can be done in person. Wear a face covering and maintain 1m physical distancing.

If the site is following the My Vaccine Pass requirements, please present your My Vaccine Pass when asked to do so.

Outdoor Common Areas

When at ORANGE: In Person

At Orange setting visits to sites with outdoor common areas can be done in person. We encourage the use of a face covering when working or passing through outdoor common areas, and 1m physical distancing.

Commercial Common Areas (e.g. shared lobby, bathrooms and entrance/exits)

When at ORANGE: In Person

At Orange setting visits to sites with commercial common areas can be done in person. Wear a face covering and maintain 1m physical distancing.

If the site is following the My Vaccine Pass requirements, please present your My Vaccine Pass when asked to do so.

Residential Common Areas (e.g. multi tenanted units)

When at ORANGE: In Person

At Orange setting visits to sites with residential common areas can be done in person. Wear a face covering and maintain 1m physical distancing.

Retail Food & Beverage Common Areas (e.g. shared bathroom, waste compounds)

When at ORANGE: In Person

At Orange setting visits to retail food and beverage sites with shared common areas can be done in person. Wear a face covering and maintain 1m physical distancing.

If the site is following the My Vaccine Pass requirements, please present your My Vaccine Pass when asked to do so.

Construction Sites and Onehunga Port

Onehunga Port

When at ORANGE: In Person

At Orange setting, people may visit the Onehunga Port site office. Wear a face covering and maintain 1m physical distancing.

Construction Sites (managed to CHASNZ recommended standards)

When at ORANGE: Virtually where possible

At Orange setting it is encouraged that site meetings are held virtually where possible. Where a meeting can only be held in person, guidelines under the COVID-19 Standard for New Zealand Construction Operations must be followed. Wear a face covering and maintain 1m physical distancing.

Further information on Site operations under the COVID-19 Protection Framework can be found here


Retail in Council Service Property (e.g. coffee shop in libraries)

When at ORANGE: In Person.

At Orange setting most Auckland Council community centres, libraries, art centres and galleries are open in line with government guidelines. Wear a face covering and maintain 1m physical distancing.

Public Spaces (e.g. Silo Park Playground, basketball courts, Manukau Container Village, Public Toilets)

When at ORANGE: In Person.

At Orange setting most public facilities are open in line with government guidelines.

When indoors, wear a face covering and maintain 1m physical distancing. We encourage the use of a face covering when working or passing through outdoor areas, and 1m physical distancing.

12 April 2022

Ground breaking news

Work has begun in Manukau that will eventually see a new playground take the skyline of South Auckland to new heights. Destined for Hayman Park and designed for the tamariki of Tamaki Makaurau, the new playground will boast a range of exciting new features from new flying foxes and a pump track, to a new play tower 12.8 meters high!

This next stage of works should see a half basketball court, flying fox and two tracks hopefully ready for kids to enjoy by the end of this year. A loftier ambition, the play tower is estimated to be designed, built and opened for action by mid-2023.

If you find yourself in the local area and dig seeing construction works underway, swing by the site (next to Davies Ave) and see if you can spot the new addition to our South Auckland team breaking new ground. For more details check out the hole story about the new playground here.

06 April 2022

Check out Panmure’s new outdoor-dining spots

It’s time for al fresco dining in Panmure, as the neighbourhood becomes home to two public parklets where you’ll want both sauce and sunblock!

We created these spaces, both located on Queens Road, to provide more locations for locals and visitors to eat outdoors. While they’ll be useful for anyone buying kai from a nearby eatery, these spots are there for anyone and everyone to use.

The parklets were installed in response to the Panmure community’s requests for more outdoor dining and general seating facilities in the town centre. We intend the spaces to be in place until at least the end of April. and we’ll be keeping a close eye on how much the parklets are used to see if we should bring others to Panmure town centre.

“We’re thrilled to be answering Panmure’s call for more outdoor dining spaces with these parklets,” enthused Eke Panuku Placemaker Roxanne Haines. “While these ones are temporary, we’re excited to see how our findings from this project can help us to create similar spaces in the future. Plus, they were created at minimal cost, as we used furniture from an earlier project.”

The Panmure parklets’ installation is based on lessons learnt through trials in Henderson and Pukekohe. We look forward to helping people of this east Auckland suburb to enjoy more good times in the fresh air, perhaps before a scenic walk along the beautiful Te Kopua Kai a Hiku (Panmure Basin).

Find out more about our work in Panmure at www.panuku.co.nz/panmure

04 April 2022

Manukau Sports Bowl upgrade: Have your say

We need your thoughts on the future of this iconic Manukau location

An upgraded Manukau Sports Bowl with exciting new features is coming your way, and we want your input on what to choose.

The Manukau Sports Bowl has been an important part of south Auckland for over 30 years. Built in the late 1980s for the 1990 Commonwealth Games, the venue is home to sporting events such as cycling, tennis and soccer, plus cultural gatherings like Polyfest, Diwali celebrations and open-air movie viewings.

Given how important the Sports Bowl is to Tāmaki Makaurau, it needs to cater to the community’s needs. That’s why we’re teaming up with the Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board and the council’s Community Facilities team to give this prestigious venue a real enhancement.

We need to know what improvements you would like to see prioritised for Manukau Sports Bowl, including:

  • a new recreational walking and cycling track around the park, with distance markers for exercising
  • a pedestrian bridge across the motorway to AUT
  • an expanded playground to suit rangatahi (teens) too
  • a new indoor court building alongside the tennis centre to cater for basketball, volleyball and futsal
  • a pump track for bikes, scooters, skateboards and rollerblades
  • a plaza and events space
  • a full-sized athletics track
  • increased spaces for picnics, BBQs, hanging out with the whānau, kicking a ball around, volleyball etc
  • rimmed trees on the boundary to improve visibility into the park.

The goal of this upgrade is to ensure that the park is accessible, inviting and inclusive for everyone in the community. As such, we need to get your feedback on our masterplan, which is based on the input from the community so far.

“It’s important that the people south Auckland have their say on this masterplan proposal – after all, the Sports Bowl is going to be a popular venue for many years to come,” enthused Richard Davison, our priority location director for the south of Tāmaki Makaurau.

“We’re excited to get going on this. The popularity of the park, coupled with the enthusiasm shown at the previous round of consultation in 2020, shows how important it is to get this right. So, what do you want to see at Manukau Sports Bowl? Let us know!”

Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board Chair Apulu Reece Autagavaia wants locals to speak up: “Eke Panuku has shown real investment in and passion for Manukau through the Transform Manukau programme,” he said.

“Manukau is a metropolitan centre within the Super City, and we need to hear local views, especially from people living near the Sports Bowl. It is still a local park that needs to meet local needs.

“The board looks forward to a new-and-improved Sports Bowl with some fantastic additions based on feedback from this consultation.”

To have your say, visit https://akhaveyoursay.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/manukau-sports-bowl or attend the next open day at Manukau Sports Bowl, which is being held on Saturday 16 April.

Feedback closes 26 April 2022

21 March 2022

Takapuna Central: Huge milestone as we partner with expert developer

The next stage of Takapuna’s evolution is here, as property development and investment company Willis Bond has confirmed its plans to partner with us to create Takapuna Central, a $400m mixed-use development over five sites surrounding the upcoming Waiwharariki Anzac Square.

The redevelopment of the sites, located between 40 Anzac Street and 30-34 Hurstmere Road, will bring new vibrancy and opportunity to one of Tāmaki Makaurau’s neighbourhoods best suited for more public transport-oriented development. Once completed, Takapuna Central will have centrally located homes and office space, plus a selection of retail and hospitality, all cohesively designed to enhance the surrounding civic area.

One of our goals for Unlock Takapuna has been to support Takapuna’s growth through a new, mixed-use development on the Anzac Street car park site. This partnership with Willis Bond is a huge step forward in our vision of Takapuna becoming a safe, accessible and vibrant town centre orientated around people walking and cycling. These buildings will enhance the new town square with an appealing, pleasant ground floor comprised mostly of retail and hospitality, and sunlight maximised for the town square itself.

“Our goals in Takapuna are about unlocking its huge potential – by working with Willis Bond to a set of agreed development outcomes, we’re enhancing Takapuna with more urban living options, public space and strengthened connections to ensure this key seaside neighbourhood continues to thrive for decades to come,” said Kate Cumberpatch, our priority location director for the north of Auckland.

The new homes, offices and businesses will also mean more customers for local businesses around the clock. After all, there are few better places in Tāmaki Makaurau to enjoy some kai by the water, and with this development, it’s going to be even easier to walk to all your amenities and desired treats. And when residents want to travel throughout the city, they’ll find that it’s incredibly easy to catch a bus nearby.

The first stage of the development, Takapuna Central Apartments, will see a 2,760sqm site fronting Anzac Street next to Potters Park become 115 new homes with construction due to start in late 2023, following the completion of Waiwharariki Anzac Square.

The homes will be designed to suit a range of different lifestyles and stages of life in an urban coastal location – ideally located for low-carbon living. Willis Bond expects to launch them to market later this year with a range of one, two and three-bedroom apartments and penthouses, with provision for resident parking in the building.

“What was once a soulless windy car park is about to become a hugely desirable place to visit.”
— Councillor Chris Darby

This is the second time we’ve worked with Willis Bond, following their fantastic mahi in Wynyard Quarter, and their team is well-suited to help deliver the next chapter in Takapuna’s story.

Willis Bond Managing Director Mark McGuinness enthused: “Within a five-minute walking radius of this site you have Potters Park, a new town square, Takapuna Beach, malls, eateries and shops. Our goal here is to connect the dots and create a desirable living environment for visitors and residents alike. Our approach is always to enhance the communities we work in, and we are excited to be an integral part of the work Eke Panuku is doing to unlock Takapuna.”

Of course, this project will have to meet high sustainability and liveability standards – another reason why we’ve partnered with Willis Bond. The company is well known for its mixed-use developments that fit unique urban environments. Coupled with their dedication to low environmental impacts, this will ensure Takapuna Central will lead the way in sustainable development on the North Shore. Willis Bond is targeting a Homestar 7 rating for sustainable design for Takapuna Central Apartments, meaning a good standard of environmental impact.

Auckland North Shore Ward Councillor and Planning Committee Chair Chris Darby remarked: “The consortium of top-notch developer Willis Bond teaming up with multi-award-winning architects, Architectus and Cheshire Architects, together with the experienced construction firm LT McGuiness, will deliver the high-quality outcomes I always envisaged for this anchor project.

“This is a great example of how public and private sector collaboration can enhance, improve and bring life to the town centre. [This] announcement will inspire even greater confidence in the future of Takapuna by local residents, business owners and future investors.

"What was once a soulless, windy car park is about to become a hugely desirable place to visit, live, shop and dine, with new homes, businesses and public space."

For more details on our work in Takapuna, visit www.panuku.co.nz/takapuna

14 March 2022

The new way to explore Panmure

Rainbows, pirates and whales forecast exciting developments

Panmure is a neighbourhood with a lot to see and do, and we’re keen for people to know about the fun on their doorstep in these thick-and-fast times. After all, plenty of amazing places are just a hop, skip and a jump away in this suburb on the shore of Te Kopua Kai a Hiku (Panmure Basin), and we’re going to help you find them.

Our Hop, Skip n’ Jump project is all about using colourful signage and activity to enhance your experience of Panmure, and given that the project began late last year, we were able to use it to celebrate Pride Month for February. After this came a pirate-themed fun, while this week sees the signage adapt to the Whale Tail art installation that’s creating gasps across the city – Panmure’s is located at 104 Queens Road!

This signage and supporting activity will encourage locals and visitors to explore the town centre and have more fun – not just pointing the way to diverse points of interest, but also bringing them to mind as people walk by. Locations like the Lagoon Pool and Leisure centre, the train station, the Basin and the base of Maungarei / Mount Wellington are all included.

“Panmure is a lovely part of Tāmaki Makaurau, but with people being so busy it can be easy to overlook or take for granted great places on your doorstep,” acknowledged Eke Panuku Placemaker Roxanne Haines.

“With Hop, Skip n’ Jump, we’re going to be bringing the geography of Panmure together with signs that effectively talk to each other. ‘Walking down this road? Why not enjoy some delicious local kai at this scenic spot?’ – there’s a lot to see and do here, after all.”

As the Hop, Skip n’ Jump evolves, we’ll be working to find out how best to point people to outdoor dining areas, local toi (art), historic hotspots, activity locations and so on – ideal for visitors to Panmure and families looking to explore their local area alike.

You’ll be seeing more and more playful visuals coming to Panmure this year, why not see where they lead you?

For more information on our work in Panmure, visit www.panuku.co.nz/panmure

04 March 2022

Third and final stage of Wynyard Quarter innovation precinct underway

Over many years of planning and development, the vision to transform Wynyard Quarter into a thriving neighbourhood that supports cutting-edge innovation and commercial activity is well underway.

To achieve the goal of a Smart-Working waterfront, Eke Panuku has partnered with Precinct Properties to develop the infrastructure for a 48,000sqm innovation precinct.

“Partnering with Precinct has been essential in achieving the vision of welcoming innovative and exciting commercial tenants to the waterfront. The success of Precinct’s work in Wynyard Quarter speaks for itself, and we all look forward to welcoming the future tenants of these buildings to Wynyard Quarter in the coming years,” says Fiona Knox, Eke Panuku Priority Location Director for the waterfront.

The Innovation Precinct is an area identified in the Waterfront Plan, that has been designated for commercial development. It includes several buildings that feature high quality, sustainable office space within the Wynyard Quarter block bounded by Halsey, Pakenham, Madden and Daldy Streets.

Planned to be delivered in stages, as of 2021 two of the three stages have reached completion. Now on any given day, Wynyard Quarter welcomes talented workers from all over Auckland who work across a multitude of industries, and there is more yet to come.

Building on this success, the third and final stage of the innovation precinct started construction in early 2022 and is planned for completion in 2025. This final stage will introduce three new buildings, 124 Halsey Street, 117 Pakenham Street and the Flowers Building. As well as the refurbishment of the existing Halsey Traders building.

124 Halsey Street East will be a six-level building located on the corner of Halsey Street and Tīramarama Way, and 124 Halsey Street West will be a nine-level building located on the corner of Autahi Lane and Tiramarama Way.

117 Pakenham Street will feature eight-levels and have a brick façade on the Pakenham Street West side of the building, to tie in with the industrial history of the location.

Both the Pakenham and Halsey buildings will have ground floor retail space and sit on top of a two-storey basement that will house 174 carparks, showering facilities, and 196 bicycle parks. End of Trip facilities have been designed to encourage sustainable transport to and from the buildings.

The Flowers Building comprises a three-level annex to 124 Halsey. With sustainable building practice at the heart of its design, the Flowers building will boast a mass timber structure, resiliently designed to achieve 100% NBS (seismic rating).

The Halsey Traders building will undergo refurbishment including structural upgrades, whilst still maintaining its character.

Precinct is working with award-winning architects Warren & Mahoney and construction partners Hawkins to deliver the final stage of the innovation precinct, targeting a 6 Green Star rating, which measures buildings’ overall sustainability and a 5-star National Australian Built Environment Rating System NZ (NABERSNZ) rating, which is an assessment of the energy used by office buildings and its tenants. As part of Precinct’s sustainability focus on new developments, 100% of the carbon emissions from construction will be offset.

Once complete, the developments will offer premium office space for businesses and their employees and be at the forefront of sustainable design, with good transport links, functional streetscapes, and welcoming public spaces nearby.

“Precinct Properties is proud to be embarking on this final stage of the innovation precinct, says Alain McKinney, Project Director at Precinct Property, “Wynyard Quarter is perfectly placed in a central location surrounded by natural and public amenities, and we know the future occupiers will love being based here once these sustainably designed and state-of-the-art buildings, are finished.”

Wynyard Quarter innovation precinct underway

04 March 2022

The plan for the next stage of Wynyard Quarter

The vision for the next step in Wynyard Quarter’s transformation is here, and its name is Te Ara Tukutuku. Te Ara Tukutuku is the plan that will guide the evolution of Wynyard Point from its industrial past to a resilient, vibrant, attractive waterfront space that Aucklanders will continue to love, today and into the future.

Created in partnership with mana whenua and through close collaboration with key stakeholders including the Waitemāta Local Board and our Auckland Council-whānau, the plan demonstrates huge change and ambition, both for the landscape of our waterfront and for how we get there.

Taking its lead from the 2020 City Centre Masterplan, the Te Ara Tukutuku Plan sets the scene for the next phase of design and delivery on Wynyard Point – an area located at the northern point of Wynyard Quarter over the coming years. Gifted by mana whenua, Te Ara Tukutuku is a name used for waka (canoe) ramps. It signifies the binding of the land and the sea, between the domains of Tangaroa and Papatūānuku. This is also a key theme from the City Centre Masterplan 2020 - a harbour edge stitch that unites the Te Waitematā (Waitematā Harbour) with the waterfront and the city centre.

Paora Puru, Kaitiaki, Ngāti Te Ata Waiohua, one of the team who worked on the plan says, “Although a long time in the making and not without its challenges, we as individual iwi mana whenua have come together with Eke Panuku to create a foundation document that will see the unique faces of Tāmaki Makaurau embedded into this place so future generations may see themselves reflected back and know that they belong.”

You can read the Te Ara Tukutuku Plan here.

“The Board is very proud of Te Ara Tukutuku.”
— Eke Panuku Chair Paul Majurey

Four key kaupapa (principles) will guide the transformation of Wynyard Point:

  • Te Wakatupu I Ō Tātou Hapori / Growing Our Communities
  • Ā Tātou Whakarite Mō Ngā Wāhi Tū Wātea / Enhancing Our Public Open Space Journey
  • Te Wheako I Te Taha Moana / Celebrating A Waterfront Experience
  • Te Manaakitanga / Building On Our Hosting Legacy

Endorsed by the Eke Panuku Board on 23 February, the plan brings together the collective ambition and planning over the last decade for a thriving Wynyard Quarter. The Plan becomes the updated view of all, and a foundation document for the next stage of regeneration.

For such an important place and reflecting our strengthening partnership with mana whenua, we’ve co-created Te Ara Tukutuku with our mana whenua partners using te ao Māori (the Māori worldview) and preferencing mātauranga Māori (Māori traditional knowledge).

Eke Panuku Chair Paul Majurey said: “The Board is very proud of Te Ara Tukutuku. This exceptional plan has been created through the successful partnership of the various mana whenua of Tāmaki Makaurau and the Eke Panuku team.

"This intergenerational mahi will guide the transformation of Wynyard Point - into a place where people experience the value of manaakitanga, cherish the moana, watch fleets of waka and boats, feel the grass under their feet and enjoy the spaces and mara hupara (playground) with whānau.”

Wynyard Quarter celebrated its 10th anniversary since development started to get this new precinct ready and open for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. This milestone signified how far we’ve come, but also how far we have to go to fulfil the vision of a thriving, sustainable waterfront neighbourhood.

The future of Wynyard Quarter will include the unveiling of a new waterfront park, along with mixed-use and sustainable development that will sustain the growing community of this waterfront neighbourhood.

Fiona Knox, Priority Location Director – Waterfront, notes the transformation of Wynyard Quarter has been a long journey. “The first vision for the area was crafted in 2005. This plan builds on previous plans and sets us up for the next 15 years of regeneration. We are delighted that we have created a place that is much loved and we look forward to building on our learnings in our design and delivery of the next stage of projects, all with the view and intention of continuing to reconnect people with Te Waitematā and build our collective sense of belonging to Tāmaki Makaurau.”

The next step is the appointment of a design consortium, who will be working with us and mana whenua to design the public realm and open space. The challenge to the design collective is to help design and create a place that is distinctly Tāmaki Makaurau, and recognisably Aotearoa. A place that is resilient to the future, and a place where the people of Tāmaki Makaurau and their visitors always feel welcome.

Once a design team is onboard, we will start working on getting the design ready for public consultation, so that Aucklanders can have their say in the future of the space. We look forward to being able to share more information in the future and getting Aucklanders excited about what this major open space will look and feel like – including the largest city centre park since Victoria Park was opened over 100 years ago.

28 February 2022

New skyscraper set to change Manukau’s skyline

Manukau’s skyline hasn’t risen much higher in the last 40 years, but our new kids’ skyscraper will rival even the tallest tower in Takapuna.

Destined for Hayman Park and designed for the tamariki of Tāmaki Makaurau, this new play tower will be 12.8 meters high, with multiple platforms stretching up four storeys – offering a challenging activity just to get to the top. Once at the peak, there’s a tunnel slide to zoom down, or a family slide lower down for those preferring a milder adventure.

Next to this behemoth will be two flying foxes, rope play equipment, a flow bowl and pump track for fun on wheels and learning to ride, and an additional basketball half-court (due to especially high demand) alongside the already pumping half-court.

These exciting new features join the young children’s play area, nature play space, new paths, refurbished skate park, toilets and kiosk with canopy shelter.

The next stage of works is set to begin in March, now that the Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board has endorsed this project and consents have been secured.

Without any major hiccups, the half basketball court, flying fox and two tracks will be ready for kids to enjoy by the end of this year. Being so sophisticated, the play tower is estimated to be designed, built and opened for action by mid-2023.

“Manukau has the youngest population in the region, so it is important we have play equipment that is fit for purpose.”
— Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board Chair Apulu Reece Autagavaia

We want kids to be totally wowed by this sky-poker (a skyscraper from their eyes!) – for families to head down to Hayman Park for swashbuckling fun, laughter and perhaps a bit of kai from one of the many local eateries…

“We’re so excited to be building a tower for the tamariki of Manukau,” says Eke Panuku Priority Location Director Richard Davison. “It’s time that we go big and bold and put significant investment into play spaces for our young residents.

“This playground will be a destination to envy, and we can’t wait to see people come from miles afar to enjoy the finest playground action Auckland has to offer. And for those who are moving to Manukau: get ready, because this will soon be up and running, right in your own backyard.”

Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board Chair Apulu Reece Autagavaia agrees it is time for investment in Hayman Park:

“South Auckland has had years of underinvestment in playgrounds and parks. Eke Panuku is generating funds to reinvest across the city, disposing council land where it’s no longer needed, and it is only fitting that some of this investment is put into Manukau.

“In Phase 1 we saw how popular the basketball court was, with groups lining up to take turns using it and playing late into the evening. That's why we are building another basketball hoop alongside all the other exciting activities.

“Manukau has the youngest population in the region, so it is important we have play equipment that is fit for purpose and caters for our diverse communities. It’s wonderful to see that we will finally have a true destination playground in the heart of south Auckland.”

Phase 1 of this emporium of adventure received $4.3M, while the more ambitious Phase 2 is being allocated $6.5M – towers don’t come cheap, after all.

Once it’s all completed, Eke Panuku will be handing management over to council’s Community Facilities, who are charged with taking care of all of Auckland’s playgrounds.

For more info on our work in Manukau, visit www.panuku.co.nz/manukau

Top facts:

  • The play tower is 12.8m high (Takapuna’s play tower is 9m high)
  • The flying fox spans 33m, with two cables side by side, allowing for races
  • The pump track loop stretches 72m
  • The bump track has gentle contoured slopes designed for learning
  • Some of the features in the tower:
    • Rock climbing wall
    • Rope tunnel bridges
    • Climbing ropes
    • Rooftop seesaw

Hayman Park Play Tower

27 February 2022

Pukekohe parklet perfect for your puku

Enjoy kai in the sun with widened footpath trial

Good food, good company and good times, all outdoors in bustling Pukekohe – sounds like a great way to enjoy these long, warm days. If you’re in the southern town and have a rumbling puku, our new parklet awaits.

Located outside Winner Winner, Hiroba Sushi and Kaos Café on Edinburgh Street, this new dining area should be on your radar as an ideal place to meet with the whanau for some good grub.

The Pukekohe parklet has opened for two main reasons. Firstly, the idea of expanding footpath space to enable more outdoor dining aligns with our plan for futureproofing Pukekohe. Secondly, we’re responding to the needs of local businesses, who are working hard to get through these turbulent times.

“This is the perfect example of council and businesses working together to get a really good outcome.”
— Logan Soole, Franklin Local Board

The project has been a superb example of how, while our challenges may be complex (urban regeneration and placemaking are never simple), collaboration is the key to a successful town centre.

It’s feedback from each local community that helps us to create amazing places such as this – after all, the mahi we do is for each community with whom we work.

“Councils are inherently risk-averse,” recognised Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore, “because change brings an adverse reaction as we saw last time [with Pukekohe Streets for People], but if we want to actually make things smooth you’ve got to have the council parties moving together.

“And the businesses, they need to lead the process from the start, through their BIDS, go to the local board whose responsibility it is to make this stuff happen. When businesses request these sorts of outcomes, we can help deliver things rather than lead from the front, because these people know their town, they know their business, and they know what will work and what will not.”

It was this spirit of working together that’s seen the parklet receive a terrific response.

Logan Soole of Franklin Local Board enthused: “It was really beneficial to see Eke Panuku working together with our local businesses, and it was great to see our local businesses responding to that, adjusting when things weren’t quite right; everything from the umbrellas to our slight lean.

“During the install, there were some things that maybe could have been improved on. We’re lucky our businesses stepped up and said ‘maybe you should try it this way’, and Eke Panuku were really responsive. This is the perfect example of council and businesses working together to get a really good outcome.”

Kendyl Sullivan from the Pukekohe Business Association, meanwhile, is delighted to see this pop up in Edinburgh Street, and has given it a tick of support from the organisation. She said: “The new extended dining area adds vibrancy and attractiveness to our town centre. We look forward to seeing everyone enjoying this lovely outdoor space.”

Because Pukekohe has plenty of wonderful eateries to enjoy, there’s always the scope for the parklet to visit different locations around town. As our very own community liaison Hannah Ross said: “We really hope to see people use the parklet this while it’s here, and if it goes well, we could do more of these.”

Video: Onehunga's town centre development
Play video
Discover Pukekohe's new parklet

Get in touch with the Pukekohe Business Association or Franklin Local Board if you’re a business owner who would like to explore this further.


63 Flanshaw Road

A Freehold 584sqm site zoned for mixed housing urban zone with resource consent for two 3-bedroom single level homes in Te Atatu South.

Tender - Wednesday 18th November at 2pm, 195 Universal Drive, Henderson (will not be sold prior) (Unconditional)

For more information, please look at the Harcourts listing here.

For sale

315A Glengarry Road, Glen Eden

Vacant development site with residential zoning.

A smart opportunity has arisen to secure this beautiful piece of land on the Oratia border surrounded by quality homes.

On a relatively flat site, and set over an impressive 4,105m2 of freehold land, zoned Single House - this property opens itself up to multiple opportunities, all subject to Council approvals.

Whether you are looking for a quality development to create an exclusive enclave of executive homes, or you wish to explore the possibilities offered under the Integrated Residential Development option which applies to residential development on sites greater than 2,000m2, it may even allow for higher density developments for social housing, retirement units or aged care facilities - this site offers it all.


16A Edwin Freeman Place, Ranui


1/16 Sarona Avenue, Glen Eden

Build your dream home


30R Birmingham Rdoad


275 St Johns Road, Meadowbank, Auckland

A fantastic opportunity to secure two generously proportioned 1960's two bedroom brick units in this dress circle ridgeline position on 630 sqms of land.

Encompassing water views over the Tamaki Estuary and beyond, and with the nearby Apirana native bush reserve a popular walk for locals, the benefits of the location cannot be underestimated. Whether you are looking for an investment, home and income or to redevelop, this prestigious address is sure to attract buyer interest, noting the agreeable convenience of public transport, including the train station nearby, Meadowbank shopping precinct and Eastridge Mall just minutes away.

The Sunhill Garden Centre, Fresh Market and Cigana for your morning coffee are adjacent, and you can quickly be on the sands of any of the bays from Kohimarama to St Heliers having a paddle and a run on the boardwalk.

Potential to add value and zoned for St Thomas's School and Selwyn College, this is a superb opportunity in an Eastern Bays gateway location.

Note: The section to the rear of this property, being 10 Felton Mathew Avenue, St Johns, is also available for sale, should you wish to increase your landholding to 1788 sqms and explore an even bigger opportunity.


10 Felton Mathew Avenue, Saint Johns

​Grab this chance to be in on an exceptional offering of land in St Johns.

The generous 1158sqm lot encompasses water views over the Tamaki Estuary and beyond. Combine it with the neighbouring property for sale at 275 St Johns Road, Meadowbank and explore the potential of what can be achieved on the total 1788sqm landholding if you have a larger appetite.

Zoned Mixed Housing Suburban and with the nearby Apirana native bush reserve a popular walk for locals, the benefits of the location cannot be underestimated. The prestigious address is sure to attract buyer interest, noting the agreeable convenience of Meadowbank shopping precinct and Eastridge Mall just minutes away. The Sunhill Garden Centre, Fresh Market and Cigana for your morning coffee are adjacent, and you can quickly be on the sands of any of the bays from Kohimarama to St Heliers having a paddle and a run on the boardwalk.

Zoned for Stonefields School for Primary and Intermediate, and Selwyn College, developers are bound to see the gains from building that will appeal to families who are drawn to the exceptionally attractive St Johns lifestyle.

Note: The section to the top of this property, being 275 St Johns Road, Meadowbank, is also available for sale, should you wish to increase your landholding and explore an even bigger opportunity.


4/222 Edmonton Road, Te Atatu South

​Entry level buying on a limited budget? This property must be within your reach!

Solid brick/tile construction with polished timber floors and surprisingly spacious (approx 70m2 floor area). The unit has a sunny North facing position, is peacefully set back from the road and comes with a single carport.

You will love the hop, step and jump close proximity to Countdown, KFC and convenience stores.

A 5 minute drive one way and you're at West City Shopping Mall and restaurants. A short drive the other way and you're on the North Western motorway. What a fantastic location!!

For sale

472-502 Whangaparāoa Road and 4 Brightside Road, Whangaparaoa

Elevated north-facing sites with sea views of Hauraki Gulf.

This offering presents a superb opportunity to secure one or more significant residential land holdings in Stanmore Bay on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula, one of Auckland's premier coastal locations.

The 13,520sqm landholding comprises two blocks and a single site, offering 19 semicontiguous properties, separated only by two public walkways. The properties can be purchased individually, in any combination, or as one consolidated holding.

With magnificent Hauraki Gulf views, easy access to safe beaches, public reserves and proximity to amenities, this elevated location offers an opportunity for buyers to unlock the land's potential and realise their own vision for these sites.

Sites with the locational benefits of this premium property and proximity to the coast are seldom available and make a compelling offer.

It is not one to be missed.

For sale

750A Whangaparaoa Road, Manly

Vacant sections in this location are few and far between.

Potential sea views for well designed home.

Street front, north facing, sunny and gently sloping. Fully serviced and partially fenced with existing vegetation, but not enough to compromise house design and build options.

An undivided half share in 1012sqm (more or less).

Centrally located with an easy walk to public transport, cafes, supermarket and Whangaparaoa shopping plaza. A short drive to beaches, town centres and the northern motorway.

Vendor instructions are it must be sold so enquire now.

Note: Building constraints may apply. Prospective purchasers to do their own due diligence.

For sale

616A Whangaparaoa Road, Stanmore Bay

Opportunity knocks

An ideal starter home for purchasers looking for an ideal do up opportunity.

Although getting a little tired, the bones appear to be good and there is a ton of potential for extension and/or refreshment.

A compact design incorporating large double garage downstairs and living, 2 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom upstairs. The living area opens out on to a good size timber deck with steps down to the driveway.

Interior fit out is dated but appears to be adequate for immediate occupation.

Tucked down a Right of way and protected from the main road by a belt of high vegetation.

Centrally located with an easy walk to public transport, cafes, supermarket and Whangaparaoa shopping plaza. A short drive to beaches, town centres and the northern motorway.

Vendor instructions are it must be sold so enquire now.

For sale

599 Whangaparaoa Road, Stanmore Bay

Prime position

Vacant sections in this location are few and far between.

Street front, north facing, sunny and gently sloping. Fully serviced and partially fenced with existing vegetation, but not enough to compromise house design and build options.

An undivided half share in 827sqm (more or less).

Centrally located with an easy walk to public transport, cafes, supermarket and pharmacy. A short drive to beaches, town centres and the northern motorway.

Vendor instructions are it must be sold so enquire now

Note: Building constraints may apply. Prospective purchasers to do their down due diligence.


108 Hepburn Street, Freemans Bay

Vacant development site with residential zoning

Lot 1 DP 68838 (Transformer with easement 22m2), Lot 2 DP 68838 (166m2)

The property is a small strip of land laid to grass - a corner site between 106 Hepburn Street and car parking spaces on Napier Street. The electricity transformer box is partially visible below the centre tree – the area hashed on the aerial view in the photos. AUP zoning is Residential - Terraced Houses & Apartment Buildings (THAB).

Please also see the photos of the site showing matured trees and a closer view of the transformer.


161 Maraetai Drive, Maraetai

Vacant section zoned as residential - single house

Lot 12 Deposited Plan 34466

The property is a vacant section with a frontage of 30 metres, narrowing to 10 metres. It slopes steeply down from the road frontage and is laid to grass, with a few bushes along the boundaries. AUP zoning is Residential – Single House.


32 Harbour View Road, Te Atatu

The property is a rectangular plot of land with level contour laid to grass. The site extends to 600 sq m and is zoned Residential – Terraced House and Apartment Building following notification of a plan change in May 2019.

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