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19 June 2019

Pukekohe regeneration set to begin

A plan to regenerate Pukekohe’s town centre has been approved.

Panuku Development Auckland’s strategy to unlock the rural town’s potential, known as a high-level project plan (HLPP), was given the green light by Auckland Council’s Finance and Performance Committee yesterday, following endorsement by the Franklin Local Board last month.

The plan provides a framework for Pukekohe as it faces rapid growth and increased population. Enhancing the town centre will create a central hub for southern Auckland and northern Waikato communities.

Deputy Mayor and Franklin Ward Councillor Bill Cashmore is delighted that Pukekohe is now firmly on Panuku’s development agenda.

"This plan is a great step forward for Pukekohe and the community that relies on this important rural town. Now that Panuku’s strategy has been given the green light, we are looking forward to seeing regeneration take place in the town centre.”

Panuku’s Chief Executive Roger MacDonald says that Panuku is excited to unlock Pukekohe’s considerable potential.

“We’re delighted to add Pukekohe to our urban regeneration programme across Auckland. Pukekohe has great heritage, shopping, local food, arts and culture facilities, sports and recreation activities and a diverse community.

“We have shaped a plan for Pukekohe’s town centre, working alongside the Franklin Local Board, mana whenua and the community and we’re pleased to see this approved by the Mayor and councillors.”

Franklin Local Board Chair Angela Fulljames says the strategy aims to ensure a thriving community where there are significant opportunities for job creation and widespread work and lifestyle options.

“We want to attract professional and larger employers and enhance support for our existing economic base, such as growers and the wider horticultural and agricultural sectors.

“It’s a plan that aims to give people more time, by helping them spend less time in vehicles or travelling long distances.”

The strategy involves transforming existing Auckland Council land into developments that will benefit the community and further contribute to the regeneration of Pukekohe.

Ms Fulljames says land council owns but that is no longer required can be used to better benefit the community.

“By taking a strategic high-level approach to land parcels it means we can look at where the locals’ needs can be better met.”

19 June 2019

Wynyard Central achieves Homestar 7 and 8

Willis Bond & Co’s recently completed development – Wynyard Central – has set a new standard for sustainable living.

Wynyard Central is the first large-scale, multi-unit, residential development in New Zealand to achieve a Homestar design minimum of a 7-star rating for sustainability and energy efficiency. All homes in the development have been awarded a Homestar Built certification, with over 80% of the homes achieving an impressive 8-stars.

Designed to stand the test of time, Wynyard Central’s sustainable and passive design principles have helped craft comfortable, safe and healthy homes for many generations to come, earning the development high praise on the Homestar scale.

“The vision for Wynyard Quarter is to create a lasting waterfront community.” says Willis Bond Managing Director, Mark McGuinness.

“Willis Bond is committed to implementing considered and sustainable designs that sit harmoniously within their surroundings and benefit those who enjoy them today and those who will in the future.”

Most existing New Zealand homes sitting at 2 - 3 out of 10 on the Homestar scale, with a ‘typical’ home built to current New Zealand Building Code requirements sitting at 3 - 4 out of 10, says Paula Koller, Development Manager Waterfront at Panuku.

“Panuku is immensely proud of our partnership with Willis Bond and what we’ve been able to achieve with Wynyard Central,” says Koller.

Going forward, Wynyard Central will pay a pivotal role in the wider Wynyard Quarter ‘Smart Precinct’. Using data gathered from smart energy, water metering and building management systems, the development will provide critical environmental feedback to Panuku and their partners.

Passive design is a focus of Wynyard Central, with apartments requiring no artificial heating and cooling for 80 percent of the year and no artificial lighting in living spaces for 80 percent of annual daylight hours.

Wynyard Central is an example of commitment to creating and enhancing communities, and a dedication to setting the tone for future New Zealand developments.

Find out more details about how Willis Bond achieved this rating.

04 June 2019

Completed laneway a taste of what’s to come

The first construction project under the Transform Onehunga programme has been completed with the opening of an upgraded laneway in the town centre.

The space in front of the Onehunga Police Station, between Onehunga Mall and the Sir William Jordan Recreation Centre, has been revitalised with new landscaping, lighting and an artwork.

Central to the project was a mural capturing the neighbourhood’s identity created by Onehunga artist Bobby McDonald together with local youth community group the 312 Hub. The artwork was chosen by the Onehunga community from three designs. You can watch a time lapse video of the mural being created below.

A public opening of the mural and laneway upgrades, held in April, included a blessing by mana whenua and was attended by representatives from NZ Police, the Onehunga Business Association and team members from Panuku.

Director of Design and Place for Panuku, Rod Marler says the project has been a great way to bring people together to create an attractive and safe space.

“Onehunga’s town centre is a wonderful, diverse place with treasures to be uncovered. This is the start of an attractive laneway network that will encourage people to explore and stay in the area, which will be good both for local business and the community.”

Designs are currently progressing for the upgrade of two smaller laneways, the first running from Waiapu Lane through to 154 Onehunga Mall and the second at 151 Onehunga Mall (McClintock Lane). Construction is expected to start early 2020.

Video: Onehunga's town centre development
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Onehunga mural time lapse

16 May 2019

Much-loved holiday park in Takapuna in line for upgrade

The Takapuna Beach Holiday Park will receive a staged upgrade to reflect the nostalgia of a traditional Kiwi beachside holiday, following the selection of a preferred operator by Panuku Development Auckland.

The proposed owner/operators are Steve and Jeanette Edwards. The Edwards have a long family history of running holiday parks, dating back to the early 1970s when Jeanette’s parents ran a holiday park in Northland.

The couple also own and run TOP 10 Holiday Parks in Queenstown, Nelson, Fox Glacier and Motueka. For the lease to be granted to the Edwards it must be approved by the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board, which will be tabled at the upcoming meeting on 21 May, 2019.

Panuku Portfolio Management Director Ian Wheeler says the holiday park is well-known and much loved by the Takapuna community - sitting on one of Auckland’s most spectacular sites with extensive views to Rangitoto.

“Steve and Jeanette’s vision is for a place that brings both Aucklanders and visitors to Takapuna. The proposed design reimagines the campground in a modern way that will make it an asset for the community for the next 30 years.”

The holiday park will offer quality accommodation with a beach feel that’s perfect for holidaymakers and those visiting Auckland for events or to see family and friends. The design will include a central communal area with kitchen and dining facilities, as well as three satellite bathrooms.

Energy efficiency and recycling technology will be incorporated wherever possible. The design will also include reflections on ancient Māori history and the unique geology of the area.

Jeanette says: “We’re delighted to have the opportunity to request kaitiakitanga (guardianship) of this precious site for the Takapuna community.

“We have watched this park from a distance for many years. It has a beautiful and unique location and we look forward to creating lifelong memories for our guests.”

If the Edward’s proposal is approved by the local board, it is expected that the new campground will be completed by 2022.

The site will largely remain open for business during a staged upgrade but will close briefly for major construction over winter 2020.

23 April 2019

Consent granted for Queens Wharf upgrade

Independent commissioners have today released their decision to grant resource consent for the upgrade of Queens Wharf to provide for berthage of large cruise ships (mooring dolphins).

A panel of three independent commissioners have decided that resource consent can be granted, subject to conditions of consent.

The decision states:

“After considering the evidence we have decided to grant consent, subject to conditions. We have found that although the proposal would have a range of adverse effects on the environment, both during construction and operation, those effects are able to be avoided, remedied or mitigated to an acceptable level by way of good construction management, engagement with Mana Whenua, and consultation with other stakeholders.

“The proposal by Panuku that the occupation consent for the dolphins expire once Captain Cook Wharf is operational as a large cruise ship berth, or in 15 years’ time (whichever is the earlier), and that the structures are then removed, was a key feature of the application that weighed in its favour.

“Its positive economic and social benefits, and improvements to the current process of receiving large cruise ships, were also beneficial features.”

In November 2017, Auckland Council’s Governing Body agreed to proceed with the application for mooring dolphins on Queens Wharf to provide infrastructure for the cruise industry to operate a quality, efficient and safe service when visiting Auckland.

The mooring dolphins would also enable the cruise industry to grow with the capability to accommodate the growing number of larger 350+ metre cruise ships visiting Auckland.

Panuku Development Auckland lodged the resource consent application in July 2018, which was followed by public submissions and five days of hearings. The independent commissioners then considered the views of submitters, the reports and evidence put before them in making their decision.

An appeal period on the decision is now open until 15 May 2019 for those who made submissions on the application.

A copy of the full decision is available here.

12 July 2019

An introduction to gardening by the moon

Every month Levi Brinsdon-Hall visits Northcote to help look after the community garden beds, both in the library and the town centre, and share his passion for gardening with locals.

Panuku started working with Levi a year and a half ago as part of our local placemaking activities. During this time he’s transformed planter boxes from flowers beds to edible food beds for the community. He’s taught people about composting, work farming, harvesting and growing vegetables from seed. He’s also embraced the practice of gardening by the moon to get the most out of the plants he tends to.

At his latest gardening day, held during Matariki Festival, we asked him to share his knowledge with us.

“Gardening by the moon is very important. The longer that you have a practice of gardening, you’ll figure out pretty fast that plants, just like humans, they are directly interlinked to the moon.

“Before the full moon is a very good time to sow seeds. Gravity is going upwards towards the air and the seeds really want to sprout. What you’ll notice around the full moon is it’s a great time to plant all your root vegetables – your radishes, your beetroot, your turnips.

“When it comes to pruning plants, it’s very important that you don’t do this on a full moon. We want to do it when the moon is getting darker, and the reason for that is the full moon is drawing energy upwards.

“Matariki is such a beautiful thing to celebrate because, for me, it actually makes a whole lot more sense that the new year starts now.”

Watch the video below to hear more from Levi about gardening by the moon.

Video: Onehunga's town centre development
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Gardening by the moon with Levi

11 July 2019

Plans for a new town square in Takapuna green lit

Auckland Council’s Environment and Community Committee approved Panuku’s proposal to reclassify land in central Takapuna for new open public space at a meeting on Wednesday 10 July.

The proposal put forward by Panuku outlined recommendations for a public space of approximately 3,200m² across 40 Anzac Street and 34-38 Hurstmere Road, a location that follows the preferred outcome of a public consultation in July 2018 to connect Lake and Hurstmere roads.

The decision confirms the footprint of the future public space and allows for detailed design work to move ahead.

The footprint, situated over a location favoured by the community, offers visual and physical connections to adjoining spaces such as Potters Park and Hurstmere Green, a connection of laneways, abundant sunlight, places to sit and relax and opportunities for markets and community events.

North Shore Ward Councillor and Planning Committee Chair Chris Darby says:

“A new public space will provide a lively social and cultural heart for the Takapuna community to come together for events and gatherings and to eat, shop, live, work and spend time.”

“We are committed to bringing the very best of design expertise to create a wonderful public space connecting the beach, Hurstmere Road, and high street retail to the bus station and Shore City, which is crucial to ensuring a vibrant Takapuna for the future.”

Panuku’s Director of Development Allan Young says: “The committee decision is a positive step towards progressing essential revitalisation work in Takapuna.”

“Our proposal imagines a lively, centrally-located public space for Takapuna. It will be surrounded by shops, eateries, businesses and new homes that are critical to not only the regeneration of Takapuna, but to Auckland as a city too.”

“We’re committed to delivering a public space that Takapuna will be proud of. Panuku’s strategy is informed by international urban design best practice and includes understanding about how local residents use the existing space, with community input essential to the process.”

Find out more about the urban regeneration of Takapuna

Map of proposed public space

11 July 2019

Panel explores changes coming to Henderson

There are a number of changes coming to Henderson. Some are being led by Panuku while others are taking place alongside our work. The City Rail Link is on its way, more housing is planned and additional jobs opportunities are coming to the area too.

We hosted our third speaker series event in June where we sought perspectives from people involved in creating this change and those keen to share practical insights and advice to protect Henderson’s unique community vibe and eco-friendly spirit.

Local personality Te Radar, Greater Auckland’s director Matt Lowrie, Housing New Zealand’s Urban Design Manager Sue Evans, Corban Estate Arts Centre director Martin Sutcliffe and City Rail Link’s Head of Design John Fellows all took part in a panel discussion which was hosted by Waitākere ward councillor Linda Cooper.

They discussed changes taking place such as the refocusing on the twin streams and improvements to walking and cycling paths through the centre of the neighbourhood.

John Fellows said that Henderson will become even more accessible from the city with the new City Rail Link train line.

“By 2024 the number of trains heading into the city each hour will increase from six to 12. You won’t need to pick up a timetable to find out when the next train is coming – just turn up at the station and there will be another train in three or four minutes time.

“With an efficient regular service, people will have greater choice in where they live and where they work,” said Fellows.

Sue Evans added that because train stations are fixed in place, they give confidence to developers knowing that people will be able to easily live there. Plus, with her environmental background, she’s a big advocate for density.

“In New Zealand we’ve traded vibrant life for good private space – backyards. We can’t keep expanding that way though, it’s not sustainable. Building apartments can be done in a very sustainable way,” said Evans.

Matt Lowrie thinks that westies are more embracing of change than some others in Auckland. And he believes that sustainability is not just about what we plant in the ground, it’s about what we build too.

“How we develop Henderson is important. If we have to drive to the supermarket then it’s not really helping the situation,” said Lowrie.

For more information on the discussion that took place, watch a highlights video of the evening below.

Video: Onehunga's town centre development
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Embracing change: The future of Henderson

28 June 2019

Hikoi shares Henderson’s past with locals

A snapshot of Henderson’s history was shared with locals last month during a hikoi walk along the Opanuku Stream, hosted by Panuku and members of the local community.

Led by Henderson-based artist Charlotte Graham, the group made their way upstream along the waterway, taking in the sights.

The walk ended at Te Puna, Panuku’s pop-up space at Falls carpark and the site where Charlotte is due to create a new artwork.

The hikoi itself was set to an accompaniment of periodic anecdotes and readings by Charlotte, providing context for the locations and drawing on the continuum of connections to Henderson’s rich history of art, Māori tradition and ecology.

The readings were directly inspired by recorded works from Charlotte's great grandfather, historian George Samuel Graham, as well as stories shared with her by Te Kawerau a Maki kaumatua from the Waitākere region.

Below is a short clip from the hikoi. It features Charlotte performing a karakia reading for the group while they pause in front of Opanuku Stream.

Video: Onehunga's town centre development
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Henderson hikoi with Charlotte Graham

27 June 2019

Pushing pause on Wynyard Crossing

In April this year we announced an exciting new project to replace the existing Wynyard Crossing pedestrian bridge with something so spectacular, all Aucklanders would be proud.

We began an accelerated programme of investigations and submitted the resource consent application. While that goes through the publicly notified consent process, we’re taking the opportunity to push pause.

As part of the investigations required for the resource consent application, some significant challenges and constraints of the waterfront site were uncovered, including the need to strengthen the approaches to the bridge and working in a very compact area.

To get the best possible bridge for Auckland, we’re integrating the urban design elements of the adjacent open space on Te Wero Island and Karanga Plaza, to make one seamless waterfront experience.

And while we’re committed to delivering a new pedestrian bridge that is fit for purpose and of the highest quality and design, pushing pause to work on these constraints means a delay to the building of the new bridge.

“There are a number of challenges with the replacement of the Wynyard Crossing bridge. The most significant is our ability to complete the connection by the time the America’s Cup starts,” said Panuku’s Development Director, Allan Young.

“It may feel like we’re pushing pause on progress, but we want to ensure that what is built is going to be of the highest quality and design innovation.

We want to make a positive and memorable contribution to Auckland’s city centre and waterfront by giving Aucklanders something they can be proud of,” said Young.

By pushing pause now and continuing to progress the project while the resource consent application is being processed, we’re going to be in a much stronger position to hit fast forward again once the America’s Cup and APEC have finished.

24 June 2019

Makeover planned for Greenslade Reserve

A joint effort is now underway to transform Greenslade Reserve into a new recreational facility complete with a playing field for rugby league and cricket, attractive recreational facilities from terraced seating to BBQ areas, a walking loop and a native planted urban wetland.

The problem of local flooding will also be addressed.

These works are part of the Awataha Greenway Project and the regeneration of Northcote’s town centre, a partnership between Auckland Council, Panuku Development Auckland, HLC and other local partners to transform Northcote.

Panuku Northcote Project Sponsor Angelika Cutler believes the transformation of Greenslade Reserve will bring huge benefits for Northcote.

“Northcote has always suffered from terrible stormwater flooding. With the course of the Awataha stream so altered by development over time, it’s no wonder this stream now floods the town centre and the homes beyond after a big downpour.

“By bringing the course of the stream back to life, and re-creating Greenslade into a fantastic new park - and a stormwater detention pond in times of heavy rain - I hope that homes will be drier and healthier and that Northcote kids will be able to walk to school with dry feet in the future.”

Greenslade reserve and the work on the Awataha greenway and stream are just some of the work Panuku is leading to make Northcote a safer, healthier and more prosperous neighbourhood.

Councillor Richard Hills says this is an example of integrated design to build crucial stormwater solutions and provide great facilities for our community.

“The transformation of Greenslade Reserve will provide our local residents with an awesome and improved shared space for sport, recreation and provide a new wetland in an urban environment.”

Kaipātiki Local Board’s chairperson, John Gillon, says: “The daylighting at the northern end of the Greenslade Reserve will help improve the quality of stormwater as it travels through Northcote along the new Awataha Greenway.”

"The rejuvenated sports field and recreational area on the town centre's doorstep will provide a great outdoor facility for the people of Northcote and the wider Kaipātiki area."

Starting in October 2019 with a target completion date by April 2020, the project will:

  • improve water quality and drainage
  • reduce flooding in the Northcote town centre
  • improve the surface and drainage of the playing field and amenities for community use
  • connect the community to its natural environment with a native planted wetland.

Project Manager, Gwilym van Hoffen explains what’s due to take place.

“We’re going to lower the ground level of the playing field as if it were in a natural occurring basin, redirect stormwater pipes above ground to improve the stormwater network and install new drainage which will also stop the town centre flooding,” says van Hoffen.

“The aim is to get the playing field sand carpeted and planted with couch grass to get players back enjoying the game as soon as we can. The reserve will be closed during construction.”

“We’re excited about turning an underutilised resource into a multi-functional and multi-purpose open space, designed and planted to respect the history of the people and the land, the geology and the natural environment and habitat.”

“We’re creating an urban wetland by leaving a natural, daylit channel where there was previously a large stormwater pipe.”

As the project unfolds the aim is to involve the community and of course keep everyone up to speed on construction and an alternative route for pedestrians for temporary public access during construction.

If you have any queries about this project please call 09 301 0101 or visit

18 June 2019

Get involved in the Awataha Greenway Project

Video: Onehunga's town centre development
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Awataha Greenway

Work has started turning the Jessie Tonar Scout Reserve into the beginning of a lush new 1.5km greenway in Northcote as part of the Awataha Greenway Project.

When it’s complete kids will be able to walk and cycle safely through here on their way to school and the community will have a green space on their doorstep where they can reconnect with nature.

Panuku is leading the first part of the restoration project. The Kaipātiki project is providing on-the-ground support and, with the help of volunteers, are doing tasks like removing weeds to allow the native species to flourish.

The community plays a big part in a project like this, with everyone getting stuck in to help out.

If you’d like to get involved, register and come along to a restoration day:

  • Saturday 22 June
  • Saturday 13 July
  • Saturday 10 August
  • Saturday 7 September
  • Saturday 12 October
  • Saturday 9 November
  • Saturday 7 December.

Register on the
Kaipatiki Project website

You can find out more about this project in this story: Urban renewal project underway in Northcote

07 June 2019

Regeneration of Civic Administration Building to begin

A significant piece of Auckland’s architectural history was given a new lease of life this week as the agreement between Auckland Council and private developer Civic Lane Limited to redevelop the central city Civic Administration Building (The CAB) and surrounding land into homes as part of the Civic Quarter mixed-use precinct was settled.

Mayor Phil Goff said: “This settlement means that an A category heritage building can be restored and refurbished by the private sector, saving ratepayers refurbishment costs of over $80 million. It will also deliver a thriving new area providing hotel and residential accommodation and an exciting new performing arts centre.”

Developer John Love of Civic Lane Limited said: “We’re looking forward to being able to provide new homes and a new community in such a wonderful location in central Auckland so close to everything, including theatres such as the Aotea Centre and the Auckland Town Hall, the Auckland Art Gallery, world-class shopping and dining, and of course the new CRL Aotea train station.

“This building will have its challenges to develop, and not every developer would have taken it on. But the location and complete refurbishment will make it a truly desirable place to live and visit.”

Panuku Development Auckland’s Director of Development Allan Young said the agreement will help realise council’s vision to regenerate the area.

“This development has a lot of potential, as a location for more housing, as well as a way to boost local economic activity with future residents located close to great transport links, jobs, shops and restaurants.”

“The cost of removing asbestos from the building, preserving heritage features consistent with a category A heritage status, and intensifying the land with housing and commercial spaces will be extremely costly so we are pleased that we were able to find a partner willing to take on this important work adjacent to Auckland’s most significant civic space.”

The agreement that settled this week between Civic Lane Limited and Auckland Council for $3 million reflects the exceptional costs of asbestos removal and heritage restoration requirements, and which will enable the building to be developed in a way that will meet all of council’s design requirements and objectives for the project as outlined by council when it made the decision. These include:

  • Restoring an iconic heritage building at the heart of Auckland’s city centre
  • Intensifying the use of the site and creating a frontage to Mayoral Drive
  • Exemplary design quality, responding specifically to Te Aranga Māori design, sustainability and urban design best practice as per the objectives in the adopted Aotea Quarter Framework Plan
  • Vehicle access for the Aotea Centre

The Civic Quarter master plan also includes a whare tapere, a community and cultural building that will face onto Aotea Square.

24 May 2019

Public piano turns heads in Takapuna

Public piano turns heads in Takapuna

A public piano is helping add a little more colour and joy to the Takapuna town centre this winter.

The second-hand piano is believed to be over 100 years old and has been gifted to Panuku Development Auckland to use at the new public space at 38 Hurstmere Road. The “Play This Piano” project was initiated by Youth Arts New Zealand (YANZ) to bring connection and music into the heart of Takapuna.

As well as allowing people to have a tinkle on the ivories, the piano is also doubling as a canvas for a live arts project. Three young artists have been painting the instrument every Sunday throughout the month of May to create an artwork that celebrates the geography of Takapuna.

Co-founder of YANZ Matthew Goldsworthy says it’s great to be involved as the initiative allows young artists a platform to express themselves with a lot of their work usually happening behind closed doors. “Bringing these artists and musicians to the forefront of the community in a public setting is a great boost for their confidence.”

Panuku Project Director for Takapuna Kate Cumberpatch says street pianos are often seen in other cities internationally and are becoming more common here.

“A lot of people have grown up with pianos in their home or school but can no longer access them, so a public piano is an opportunity to reconnect with that skill. In the process the music they produce invites people to stop and take notice, providing a moment of calm and joy for anyone listening.”

The art project culminates this weekend with the unveiling of the final design in a young musician showcase to celebrate the end of NZ Music Month. The piano will be available for use at 38 Hurstmere until the end of July, weather permitting.

24 May 2019

Ormiston information evening attracts a crowd

About 150 residents attended a presentation at Ormiston Senior College this week to get an update on the mix of shops, public spaces and community facilities planned for the area.

The focus was on the new town centre taking shape on a 4.5-hectare site beside Barry Curtis Park, being delivered by the Todd Property Group in partnership with Panuku.

Todd confirmed it is making progress with the 45,000sqm town centre, which will include 100 shops and businesses, a three-level car park topped with a 2300sqm gym and major businesses including The Warehouse, Hoyts, New World and Noel Leeming.

The presentation also included updates on the future of Barry Curtis Park as well as a new $35m library and community facility to be built between 2021-2023 and a $48m aquatic and leisure centre which will be built between 2023-2025. Public consultation on the leisure centre will take place later this year.

Auckland Transport also outlined its plans to start a $10m route between the town centre and Stancombe Road.

Panuku’s Ormiston project director Sharon Dobson says the evening, planned in conjunction with the Howick Local Board, was well-received.

“The new urban environment being created is going to significantly improve the lives of people in the area by providing new places to shop, work, exercise and relax. The evening was a great way to show how all Auckland Council’s departments are working with the private sector to deliver that.”

The main retail development is expected be completed by the end of 2021. At the same time Todd Property will finish more than 200 homes as part of its agreement with Panuku to develop 19ha of former council land in Flat Bush into a residential community.

16 May 2019

Mooring dolphin on Queens Wharf

As the city’s regeneration agency, Panuku – on behalf of Auckland Council – has been granted consent for a mooring dolphin on Queens Wharf to enable the future growth of the cruise industry in Auckland. The consent has been appealed to the Environment Court.

A dolphin is a marine structure that extends into the sea above the water level. In the context of this proposal, two concrete structures would sit in the sea bed and connect back to Queens Wharf with a walkway. These would sit at 49m and 82m north of the northern end of the wharf.

Current cruise ship facilities do not adequately provide for the requirements of the cruise industry to operate a quality, efficient and safe service when visiting Auckland. This means the potential benefits associated with the cruise industry including those arising from economic gain to Auckland are compromised. Right now, our primary cruise berth – Queens Wharf – can only allow cruise ships up to 295m long to berth. Larger ships such as Ovation of the Seas, which is 350m long, can’t fit.

The story so far

In July 2018, Panuku lodged an application for a mooring dolphin on Queens Wharf.

On 10 September 2018, the application was notified for the public to have their say. Submissions closed on 10 November 2018 and a hearing was held by independent Commissioners in February 2019.

The consent was granted on 23 April for a period of 15 years with a condition that requires the dolphins to be removed once alternate mooring facilities are available. Two appeals have since been lodged with the Environment Court and these are expected to be heard later this year.

What happens next?

The application for a mooring dolphin was been lodged with the intention of delivering the structure in time for the 2019/20 cruise season, providing a boost to the $185 million and 3,000 local jobs the cruise industry adds to the region’s economy.

If approved, the project will build on the vision for Queens Wharf as a public waterfront space, a hub for major events and infrastructure for the cruise industry.

Our growing cruise ship industry provides significant economic benefits to Auckland businesses; last year cruise ships transported nearly 270,000 passengers directly to the heart of our city. The $185 million that passengers and the cruise industry are expected to spend will range across the retail, food and beverage, and accommodation sectors, on tour and attraction operators, and on provisioned goods and services.

As Auckland gears up to host the 36th America’s Cup, the dolphin will help make the most of the upgraded Shed 10 cruise terminal to welcome more international cruise ship visitors.

Below you can find links to listen to podcasts with John Smith about the mooring dolphin and cruise industry, and Rachel de Lambert from Boffa Miskell who worked on research around the public use of Queens Wharf as part of this project.

Background summary of proposed Queens Wharf mooring dolphin

Video: Onehunga's town centre development
Play video
Building a city centre for our people

Podcast with John Smith

Podcast with Rachel de Lambert

12 April 2019

Urban Walking Festival

Discover the hidden beauty and history of your neighbourhood in a free walking tour hosted by some of Auckland’s most enthusiastic city-lovers.

This May we invite you to join us in an Auckland-wide festival of urban walking that centres local people celebrating their place, sharing what makes it special and advocating for what they love about it through walking and conversation.

The festival was inspired by the annual international festival of free, citizen-led walking conversations Jane’s Walks. Jane’s Walks encourage people to share stories about their neighbourhoods, discover unseen aspects of their communities, and use walking as a way to connect with their neighbours.

The festival begins in the first weekend of May with a Jane’s Walks in Grey Lynn and Balmoral. Over the following weeks city-loving guides and local hosts in Avondale, Henderson, Panmure and Takapuna will share the stories, beloved experiences and hidden gems of their local neighbourhood.

Janes Walk Grey Lynn - Saturday 4 May

Which suburb seems to have more than its fair share of prime ministers, artists, and change makers? Grey Lynn. On this walk we will explore some of the history that has made this colourful suburb what it is today. As we go along we'll talk through why this area is so loved and consider what needs to be celebrated and looked after and what challenges need to be faced.

Saturday 4 May, 10 am - 12:30 pm Rain or Shine. (Severe weather raindate Sunday 5 May)

Meet at the Grey Lynn Community Centre, 510 Richmond Road. Wear walking shoes and bring a raincoat.

Walk hosted by Alex Bonham.

Registration: No registration required, please arrive a few minutes ahead of the start time

Access: This walk will be along suburban streets and can be wheel friendly. Please contact the organiser in advance to let them know of your needs.

Kia ora Avondale Walk - Saturday 11 May

As Auckland’s old town centres, strung along arterial routes such as Great North Road undergo intensification, what must be held onto to stop the displacement that can occur when a neighbourhood changes? Avondale has important places for people of many different cultural backgrounds. Often these places are small and may be invisible to those who do not use them. Meandering through the Avondale Town Centre we will explore some of the spaces and everyday activities that are important to the richness of this neighbourhood.

Saturday 11 May 2:00-4:00pm. (Raindate Sunday 12 May, same time).

Meet outside Avondale Library, 93 Rosebank Road. Wear walking shoes and bring a raincoat. Snacks will be provided en route.

Walk hosted by HOOP-LA

Instagram: hoopla_nz

Registration: Because we will be in some small spaces this walk is limited to 20 people.

RSVP via Eventbrite

Access: This walk will go into small places and up stairs.

Panmure Hikoi

The Hikoi is a free guided walk through Māori history and the continuum of connections to our present.

Led by your warm and entertaining host Prince Davis, the Hikoi traverses Te Tauoma (Panmure), where the pace is set by the group’s enquiries of the places and spaces encountered. Our host will share cultural history and heritage of the site through tribal stories and tradition. The Hikoi are devised and guided by Prince Davis, a direct descendant of the Great Chief Te Kawau, of Tāmaki, Ngāti Whātua, Host Tribe of Auckland City. Free tea, coffee and home made snacks await your arrival at the end of the Hikoi where you can sit, relax, ask questions and unwind after a unique Auckland experience.

Wear walking shoes and bring a raincoat.

Saturday 18 May 10am –1pm

The meeting point will be shared with you after you have registered.

Walk hosted by Prince Davis (Ngāti Whātua)

Registration: This walk is limited to 30 places

RSVP via Eventbrite

Access: This walk travels along city streets and across grass

Everything Rises - Sunday 19 May

A collective walk in the rising tide under the rising full moon lead by local Artist Brydee Rood. Everything Rises is a peaceful immersive sea walk in the elements, in formation. The walk is a movement tracing the incoming tide with a glowing line of solar lights carried by participants. A climate emergency vigil in contemplation of the nature around us and the future changing landscapes of low lying coastal areas and the implications of our human footprint.

Sunday May 19 2019

5:15 pm - 6:30 pm

Assemble at 5:15pm at the north end of Takapuna beach opposite the Takapuna Beach Cafe under the large Pohutukawa trees

Everything Rises walk will begin at 5:30pm

The Full Moon rises at 5:46pm

We will walk to the south end of Takapuna Beach and back with our feet in the rising tide, it will take approximately 45mins.

Please Note: We will walk in approximately ankle deep waters, dress suitably in blues and greens. If you don't wish to get your feet wet please wear gumboots.

Walk hosted by Brydee Rood

Registration: No registration required

Access: This walk will take place along the beach and in the water.

Wai o Panuku Hikoi - Saturday 25 May

The hikoi is a free guided walk alongside the Opanuku stream drawing on the continuum of connections to Art, Māori history, ecology and our present.

Led by artist Charlotte Graham, the hikoi travels upstream along the waterway. The moderate pace will lead us to various places and spaces and will begin in Charlotte’s studio. The hikoi will draw on oral stories recorded by historian George Samuel Graham, Charlotte Graham's great grandfather and stories shared with her by Te Kawerau a Maki. The walk will conclude at Te Puna, Panuku’s pop up space at the Falls carpark, where a new large scale artwork by Charlotte is soon to be installed.

Wear walking shoes and appropriate clothing for the day.

Saturday 25 May 11.15am prompt– 1:30pm

Corban Estate Arts Centre, meet outside The Project Space by the white raukura (feather) painted on the ground.

Walk hosted by Charlotte Graham (Pare Hauraki, Pare Waikato)

Registration: This walk is limited to 30 places. RSVP via Eventbrite

Access: This walk travels across grass and gravel tracks.

Panmure Family Scavenger Hunt - Saturday 25 May

Discover the secrets of Panmure with a scavenger hunt devised by Salome Tanuvasa, the Panmure Library staff and local residents. Over April and May Salome and the team at the Panmure library are collecting your favourite places to go and things to do in Panmure. From there they will create a scavenger hunt to show you the Panmure people love.

Bring the whole family to help you solve the clues and explore Panmure.

Saturday 25 May, 2 - 3pm

Meet at the Panmure Library, 7-13 Pilkington Road. Wear walking shoes and bring a raincoat. Snacks will be provided at the end of the walk.

Walk hosted by Salome Tanuvasa and the Panmure Library

Registration: No registration required, please arrive a few minutes ahead of the start time

Access: This walk will be along suburban streets and can be wheel friendly. Please contact the organiser in advance to let them know of your needs.

27 March 2019

Urban renewal project underway in Northcote

A $25M project to address flooding, dampness in homes and health concerns in Northcote while returning the mauri to the ancient Awataha Stream has officially begun, starting with a community-led restoration at the puna, the source of the stream.

Central to the Awataha Greenway Project is the plan to re-establish the stream above ground, known as ‘daylighting’, as well as redirect the excess stormwater to alleviate flooding in the neighbourhood during periods of heavy rain.

Panuku Development Auckland is leading the first part of the urban renewal project – the community-led restoration of Jessie Tonar Scout Reserve.

Panuku’s Greenway Project Lead Sara Zwart is enthusiastic about the project’s potential, especially providing life and health back to the ancient stream that runs underneath the neighbourhood, which will also have significant health benefits those living locally.

“This project has the potential to be transformational in Northcote and to bring about positive change for the community. For many years the stream has struggled underground, causing problems in the neighbourhood. Done right, this project will bring health back to the people who live here and life back to the environment.

“What is so fantastic about the Awataha Greenway Project is that it will connect the community, give people a sense of pride, of unity, of empowerment. While this project will improve the environment, the community will also be able to build an identity around the stream and the greenway that will ground them for years to come.”

Environmental group Kaipātiki Project is taking an active role bringing the community together to restore the health of this important waterway.

Kaipātiki Project’s Kaitakawāenga Hāpori (Community Activator) Sam Tu’itahi explains the greenway project is different from other restorations he has worked on in the past.

“We’ve gratefully received the Take Mauri, Take Hono tool created by Mana Whenua specifically for this project and we will be using this to inform the restoration work in a way that acknowledges indigenous indicators and understandings alongside our western ecology and science.

“This project takes a new approach to restoration work. We’re looking beyond the water ways and the trees to the local community and how they can give input, participate and grow kaitiakitanga (stewardship) in the local area.

“It’s a holistic, community-led approach that will breathe life back into the stream and connect the Northcote community.”

Kaipātiki Local Board is thrilled to see work beginning and is looking forward to seeing improved health outcomes among the community in the years to come.

"Local Board members are very excited about the daylighting and restoration of the Awatawa Stream and the creation of the greenway. It will have a huge positive effect on our local people and environment, provide new recreational opportunities, and reduce incidents of flooding in the neighbourhood," says Local Board Chair John Gillon.

Restoration work officially started this month following a blessing by Mana Whenua on site. Kaipātiki Project will be leading monthly weeding, planting and education days, with the next one scheduled for Saturday 6 April. Earthworks on Greenslade Reserve to address flooding is expected to begin by the end of the year, with the school’s edge portion of the greenway also kicking off soon.

This project is a collaboration between Panuku Development Auckland, HLC, Kaipātiki Local Board, Healthy Waters, Kaipātiki Project and Mana Whenua.

For more information on attending a community restoration day, contact Sam Tu’itahi –

Jessie Tonar Reserve blessing

14 March 2019

New technology hub confirmed for Manukau

A new centre of excellence for MIT’s trades and engineering schools that will be used by more than 1,200 students and deliver more high-value jobs to the community has been approved for Manukau.

The 9000m2, modern, purpose-built Technology Hub will be created by Haydn & Rollett opposite the current MIT campus, bordered by Manukau Station Rd, Lambie Drive and Wiri Station Rd. Panuku Development Auckland facilitated the development as part of its regeneration of Manukau.

Haydn & Rollett will own the building and MIT will take up a thirty-year lease on the facility once it is completed.

Panuku Development Auckland Project Director Clive Fuhr says Panuku has worked closely with MIT and Haydn & Rollett to bring this transformational project in the heart of Manukau to fruition.

“We are thrilled that through this partnership Tech Park has been able to become a reality.

“This facility will not only bring benefits to those who live in South Auckland but will reinforce Manukau as a hub for learning and a place where people can live, work, learn and celebrate”, he says.

Mayor Phil Goff has welcomed the announcement saying, “Creating a vibrant centre for technology, education and commerce will bring new opportunities to those living in South Auckland. Its position in the heart of Manukau will also reinforce council’s plans to transform and regenerate this area.

“Manukau will benefit hugely from the new learning institutions, cultural centres and new houses planned for the area which bring jobs, homes and educational opportunities,” says Mayor Goff.

Technology Park will bring all MIT’s trades and engineering schools under the one roof, for the first time since it was founded nearly 50 years ago, including:

  • Building and civil construction
  • Engineering
  • Plumbing and gasfitting
  • Refrigeration
  • Electrical
  • Automotive

MIT is the country’s largest provider of industry training for plumbing and is the biggest polytechnic provider for electrical training. It is also the only industry training provider for air conditioning and refrigeration technicians in New Zealand.

It is also a key educator in the mechanical and automotive trades and provider of the NZ Diploma of Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering Technology.

Construction is planned to start later this month and be completed by mid-2020.

05 February 2019

New marine facility confirmed for Wynyard Quarter

A new marine refit facility expected to create a boom in marine jobs and deliver significant marine and tourism spending has been confirmed for Wynyard Quarter.

The development has been advanced after the signing today of a Development Agreement between the city’s redevelopment agency Panuku Development Auckland and leading marine services company Orams.

The new facility will feature a marine haul out and refit facility, commercial buildings and a residential tower on the northern end. It will target marine vessels up to 800 tonnes, which accounts for 85% of the world marine market.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says, “The new marine facility in the Wynyard Quarter is expected to generate more than 500 jobs including as many as 200 apprenticeships.

“A piece of currently poorly utilised land will become the heart of a thriving marine enterprises precinct, which carries on the historic presence of boat building in this area.

“Built in time for the America’s Cup 36 races, the precinct will benefit hugely from the refit work which will be generated during the challenge from visiting superyachts and vessels. There can be no better time to launch this facility.”

The facility will be developed on the corner of Beaumont and Jellicoe streets on a site that adjoins Orams Marine Village and is known as Site 18.

It will provide increased maintenance facilities for Auckland’s ferries, fishing vessels and commercial vessels. The majority of existing marine business on the site will be accommodated within the new development.

The development agreement is conditional on the approval of the New Zealand Overseas Investment Office, which is expected to be known late February 2019.

Orams Marine CEO Neven Barbour says their proposal is for an exemplar development, being a unique mix of marine and residential uses.

“This proposal is the result of numerous studies focused on adding sustainable value to the marine industry and Auckland’s economy.”

Orams Marine Services Managing Director Craig Park says the marine sector is an important economic contributor to New Zealand and Auckland, and the city has a strong reputation for quality marine work.

“The marine refit facility will create more than 500 jobs and generate significant income for the marine and tourism industries,” says Park.

“The establishment of the Orams Site 18 facility will ensure the opportunity for wider industry and economic benefits will not be lost to offshore competitors.”

Park says Site 18 is considered to be the only marine-zoned site, of significant scale, within the Auckland area able to deliver a facility of this nature, and as such both parties are keen to see this development progress.

As part of the development the existing seawall will be replaced and contamination remediation works undertaken.

For sale -

53 & 65 St George St, Papatoetoe Mall

53 & 65 St George Street, known as the Papatoetoe Mall is a split risk retail investment offering ten single storey retail tenancies over a land area of 2,548m2 (more or less) across two fee simple titles. The site has been recently redeveloped to a high standard providing a net income of $375k + GST p.a *subject to contract on tenancy 10. There is currently one unit vacant offering a fully leased potential market income of $423k + GST p.a with the ability to add significant value and future proof this investment.

Papatoetoe Mall offers a new walkway that links St George Street to the neighbouring New World Supermarket at the rear of the property. The refurbished New World and the surrounding civic space opened in March 2019, adding a significant boost to the Papatoetoe township. Further upgrades to the town centre car park have been completed, significant residential projects are also in the pipeline.

For more information visit Colliers

For sale -

Freehold development site, Papatoetoe

Freehold development site

The property is a near-rectangular plot of land with a gentle contour, falling from the eastern end to the western end of the site, with some low level retaining walls at the western boundary serving to mitigate the contour still further. It is accessed from Bisley Street. The site is approximately 37.4 sq m long and 18.6 sq m wide, extending to 685 sq m, and is zoned Business – Town Centre.

For sale -

Development opportunity in Takapuna

Panuku Development Auckland is seeking a development partner or partners to share and deliver its vision for a high-quality mixed-use precinct and shape the future of Takapuna.

The sites

Situated in the heart of Takapuna, the Anzac Street car park site represents a highly-attractive, mixed-use development opportunity and offers the chance for visionary developers to shape the future of Takapuna.

The collection of sites is exceptionally well located in the Takapuna town centre, within the main commercial triangle bound by Anzac Street, Lake Road and Hurstmere Road.

Abutting the main bus station on Lake Road and just 200 metres from Takapuna Beach Reserve via Hurstmere Green, the c.6,000sqm (subject to final design and subdivision) of developable land is perfectly placed to leverage the proximity to the coast and capitalise on pedestrian activity.

The opportunity

Panuku Development Auckland is seeking a development partner or partners to acquire all or part of the land and to share and deliver its vision for a high-quality mixed-use precinct with enhanced pedestrian activity.

An underlying Metropolitan Centre zoning enables a range of commercial and residential uses, while part of the site is earmarked for a new town square that will be funded and delivered by Panuku.

Successful redevelopment of the site is seen as a key part of achieving Panuku’s vision to ‘unlock’ Takapuna – to make the most of the lake and seaside setting and create a safe, accessible and vibrant town centre oriented around pedestrians and cyclists.

Agents details

For more information visit CBRE

or contact Martin Boys on +64 9 359 5331

For sale -

4-10 Mayoral Drive

Major CBD Development Site, integrated with the Aotea Station entrance on the City Rail Link.


Auckland Council (Council) with Panuku has appointed PwC Advisory Services (PwC) to take the site at 4-10 Mayoral Drive, Auckland (the Site) to market to secure a development partner. The site, which is currently used predominantly for on-grade parking, will be adjacent to (and above) the entrance to the City Rail Link’s (CRL) proposed Aotea Station entrance and forms a unique development opportunity being one of Auckland’s first true transit orientated development opportunities. There is an exciting opportunity to leverage the benefits of the CRL and deliver on Council’s broader Auckland Plan transformational objectives.

The site will be sold under a Development Agreement which will ensure the opportunities to integrate the development with the wider precinct (including the Aotea Station entrance, Bledisloe House and activation of a laneway) are maximised.


The Site will be taken to market to identify and select a development partner via a two stage process.

  • Stage 1 – Expressions of Interest - will be a four week campaign launching on 18th of March 2019, closing on 12th April 2019. Interested parties (Respondents) are invited to respond to this EOI. Respondents may be invited to present to the evaluation panel to elaborate on the content of the EOI responses. Council will then evaluate EOI responses and establish a shortlist of parties to take through to the next stage (Stage 2) of the process. The intention of the EOI process is to identify a shortlist of parties with the appropriate track record, capability, financial capacity and vision to undertake a redevelopment of the Bledisloe Site and deliver a placemaking outcome for the stakeholders.
  • Stage 2 - Upon completion of Stage 1 (which may include competitive dialogue) Council will invite the shortlisted parties to participate in a detailed Request for Development Proposal (RFDP) process. At this stage, Council anticipates shortlisting no more than three parties.

Please contact John Schellekens or Robert Cameron to discuss this exciting opportunity in further detail

John Schellekens
Sole agent
027 489 9541

Robert Cameron
021 471 057

For sale -

35 Graham St

Grandstand value-add CBD investment comes to the market

35 Graham Street comprises a four storey office building constructed in 1997 on a 4,841 sqm site. Large atriums provide good natural light to all floors, which consist of large rectangular floor plates up to 3,439 sqm with a central core.

The property will be sold with a leaseback to Auckland Council for two years, beyond which there are a range of value-add opportunities including extension and redevelopment, or conversion to residential or hotel uses.

The property will benefit from the significant and ongoing investment into infrastructure and high quality commercial developments within the immediate surroundings.

Potential buyers are invited to participate in the sales process by registering their interest with the team at CBRE, after which access to an online electronic data room will be made available.

35 Graham Street is offered for sale by way of an Expressions of Interest campaign closing Thursday 14 March 2019 at 4:00pm NZST.

All offers must be provided to CBRE, the exclusive agent.

Brent McGregor Mark Maginness John Holmes
Mob : 021 870 508 Mob : 021 904 456 Mob : 027 489 9095

Email : Email : Email :

For lease - $900,000

1-7 The Strand, Takapuna

Modern office space in Central Takapuna

Good quality office space available for lease in Central Takapuna.

Open plan office space with several meeting rooms and on-site parking.

Rent and term by negotiation.

Please direct all enquiries to Jeremy Allsop at Panuku Development Auckland - 021 836 905

OR contact agents:

Tonia Robertson (Bayleys) - 021 619 200

Omri Yahel (CBRE) - 021 791 165

For sale -

1 Victoria Street, Otahuhu

Compact Residential Development Opportunity

Set Date of Sale: 2.00pm Thursday 14 December 2017

  • 1,093 sq m, held on two titles
  • Zoned Mixed Housing Suburban and Single House
  • Close to centre of Otahuhu
  • Excellent transport links

Touch the screen to begin!