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Latest news - June 2017

Download and read a summary of our plans to unlock Takapuna's potential.

A more connected and attractive town centre is planned for Takapuna.

Auckland Council owns nearly four hectares of land in the Takapuna town centre, focused around the Anzac Street carpark and the Gasometer site, which runs between Huron, Auburn and Northcroft streets.

The Anzac Street carpark sits right in the centre of Takapuna.  Its size and location provides an exciting opportunity for great open spaces, new shops, business and places to live that unify the heart of Takapuna.

Panuku Development Auckland, on behalf of Auckland Council is leading a plan to upgrade these sites, with the goal of creating a more connected and attractive town centre.

Imagine the possibilities - cafes and restaurants opening up on to a refurbished Potter’s Park, interesting laneways connecting to Hurstmere Green and the beach beyond,  a more attractive space to host events, a safe bustling environment with people always around.


What's happening?

Currently Takapuna town centre is disconnected from the beach, but there is great potential to create laneways and other public space connections to create a more connected town centre and bring more housing into an area valued for its unique costal and urban lifestyle.

In March 2016 a High Level Project Plan for Takapuna was approved by the Auckland Council Development Committee. That gave Panuku the mandate to progress the work done to date and start refining it to determine what might be developed on the land by a development partner in the future. 

For a long time, and noted in a number of plans, it has been recognised that more could be achieved with the Anzac Street carpark and the Gasometer site to better utilise space and create better connections within Takapuna and through to the beach.  Panuku is reviewing the work that has been completed to date.  We are also completing a site investigation to understand the geo-technical landscape and planning requirements.Auckland Transport is reviewing the car parking and transport requirements for Takapuna now and in to the future.

We anticipate this work will take a number of months. Once we have all this information we will be able to start developing and testing different options for the sites to balance all the requirements and best utilise the land.


  • When will development of the Anzac Street car park and Gasometer sites start? 

We don’t anticipate any physical change to the land for at least a couple of years. It is likely that any development will be staggered across the sites, to ensure parking and public transport is maintained and minimal disruption for customers and retailers occurs.  

  • What other works are planned for the area? 

Other improvement projects in the pipeline for Takapuna aim to support the town centre’s future development into one of Auckland’s key metropolitan areas.

Auckland Transport is looking at options to improve two key intersections on Hurstmere Road, ahead of a wider Hurstmere Road upgrade from Lake Road to Anzac Street to enhance the vitality of its retail activity and better connect the town centre with Hurstmere Green and the beachfront.

  • What is going to happen to the Takapuna Sunday market?

Panuku recognises that the Takapuna Sunday market is a valued part of the Takapuna community and understands the vitality it brings to Takapuna. Through the Anzac Street car park development, Panuku is looking to ensure that there is vitality in the area every day.   

We are still in initial planning stages for the Anzac Street car park site, so we don’t anticipate seeing any change in the current market arrangement for a couple of years.

  • What’s going to happen about car parking?

The development of the Anzac Street car park and the Gasometer site will ensure that no car parking is lost. In addition, Auckland Transport is looking at increasing car park provisions for the future.

  • Who will own the car parks? 

Some of the parking may be owned by the developer and some of the parking is likely to remain with Auckland Transport. No land will be released without ensuring Takapuna’s transport and parking requirements are met. The detail will be worked out to ensure the best outcome for Takapuna.

  • Is Panuku developing the land?

Panuku will not develop the land itself.  Like many other projects across Auckland (E.g. Britomart and Wynyard Quarter) we will use a selection process to find a development partner who will buy and develop the land. There will be a development agreement which will incorporate key requriements that the development partner must deliver. These might be things like public open space, sustainability features, carparks, retail at ground floor, laneways through to Hustmere Rd and Hurstmere Green. 

  • I am a developer, how do I get involved?

When the time is right there will be a formal Expressions of Interest process. Email us to be added to our database and recieve alerts.

Why is this development happening?

The development of these sites will help achieve a number of strategic priorities for Takapuna.

Auckland Council and Devonport-Takapuna Local Board have previously consulted with the community and endorsed a number of plans outlining the vision for Takapuna town centre, including the Takapuna Strategic Framework (2010), Devonport-Takapuna Local Board Plan and the Takapuna Centre Plan (2014).

The themes of these plans include:

  • Takapuna centre being the primary commercial and community hub for Devonport-Takapuna
  • retention of a contemporary, vibrant, pleasant, inviting centre with a beach-side atmosphere
  • a more pedestrian focused environment with connections to Takapuna Beach that includes open space, laneways and urban plazas
  • quality housing development that is more intensive than at present and has easy access to local community facilities and infrastructure.

As a metropolitan centre, Takapuna has potential zoning under the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan to allow for higher-density housing including terraced housing and apartments, and increased business facilities with a mix of activities. To help support the growth of Auckland we have to be smarter with what we have got. This location is a great space to bring more housing and businesses into the heart of the community.

What will it look like?

There are a number of priorities that need to be balanced before we will have a design.

A key priority of this project is improving the connectivity through to Hurstmere Road and the beach beyond. This might take the shape of interesting plazas and laneways.

We will also need to look at how we best connect with Potter’s Park to make this a really safe and desirable place to spend time.

The Anzac site currently has a nine storey height limit so we anticipate some apartments above a ground floor of retailers and hospitality.  The Gasometer site has a significantly higher development capability given its location.  This could involve carparking, residential and some retail.

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Takapuna High Level Project Plan


McConnell Property is making excellent progress with civil earthworks, drainage and roads due for completion by May 2017.


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