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Argon Construction has been appointed to build the Gasometer car park at 14 Huron Street, Takapuna. This project is starting on Monday 8 October 2018 with fences going up and the site being prepared for construction. Main construction will start late October.
The modern, multi-level car park building will be five storeys and will include 420 car parks as well as electric car and bike charging stations, motorbike parking, accessibility parking and bike storage with end-of-trip facilities including changing rooms and lockers.
Construction will be completed in mid-2020.

The Gasometer carpark

What’s happening?

Construction is about to start on a new car park at the ‘Gasometer’ site, 14 Huron Street, Takapuna.

The modern, multi-level car park building will be five storeys and will include 420 car parks as well as electric car and bike charging stations, bike storage, motorbike parking, accessibility parking and “end of trip” facilities including changing rooms.

The other part of the Gasometer site will be transformed in to a mix of commercial, retail and residential spaces.


The Gasometer car park will close October 2018.

How will I be affected?

Construction is expected to commence in October 2018 and will take approximately 18 months. To minimise disruption, construction will only take place during working hours (normally 7am-6pm) and the site will be kept secured and tidy. Panuku is looking in to securing an electric crane to minimise disruptive noise.

If you’re a leaseholder, Auckland Transport will contact you with specific details. The Gasometer car park will reopen in 2020 with a brand new car parking building. However, there’s plenty of other parking in Takapuna.

Where can I park?

There are plenty of other car parking options in Takapuna. Anzac Street car park offers pay and display parking from $1. The Anzac Street car park will remain open for the duration of construction on the Gasometer site.

Shore City offers three hours free to shopping centre customers. There are several Wilson car parking buildings in Takapuna, including Bloomfield Spa, Car Park by the Sea, Como St, Hurstmere Road, Killarney Street, Northcroft Street, Takapuna Strand and the Takapuna Tower.

There are also hundreds of car parks available at the Harbourside Church along Esmonde Road. There are temporary bus stops set up for ease of travel to and from Takapuna. You can download the AT Park, Wilson ParkMate or Parkable apps for more convenient parking options, or click here for more detailed information.

Or you can catch public transport. Visit the Auckland Transport website to find the fastest route. 

A new town square for Takapuna

Takapuna holds an enviable position with Takapuna Beach, the Waitemata Harbour and views to Rangitoto on one side – and Lake Pupuke on the other.

The Auckland Plan identifies Takapuna as one of 10 metropolitan centres – important industry, transport and housing hubs where significant change is expected during the next 30+ years.

The vision is to make the most of Takapuna's unique sea and lakeside location and create a safe, accessible and vibrant town centre orientated around pedestrians and cyclists.

Panuku Development Auckland is leading urban redevelopment in Takapuna on behalf of Auckland Council, through a few key sites.

The development will guide future planning and development in Takapuna, with the goals of;

  • Revitalising the town centre
  • Improving public spaces
  • Creating better connections to the beach
  • Supporting more urban living and public transport options

Unlock Takapuna sites

What's happened so far?

Eight years of planning. The opportunities for Takapuna have been well documented in a number of previous plans dating back to 2010 and have been widely consulted on. The overarching plan to revitalise Takapuna was approved by the Auckland Development Committee in March 2016.

40 Anzac Street is key to the vision for Takapuna. The site is currently a 250-space carpark located in the centre of Takapuna between Anzac Street and Lake Road, adjacent to Potters Park. The site has the potential to provide a mix of residential, commercial and public space with activated laneways linking it to Hurstmere Road.

In 2016 and 2017, the plan was consulted on. In collaboration with the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board, a significant level of stakeholder engagement was undertaken during 2016 and early 2017. This included engagement with the Greater Takapuna Reference Group and eight other key stakeholder groups. The Devonport-Takapuna Local Board included the Unlock Takapuna project in its Local Board Plan 2017.

Formal consultation on the change of use for the 40 Anzac Street carpark was undertaken in August and September 2017. A hearings panel was appointed to independently analyse the submissions received and to hear from any submitters that wished to speak.

A large number of submitters who opposed had asked for different activities and uses for the site. As a result, conditions were placed on the approval to “change the use” of the site. The plan for the 40 Anzac Street site will address this feedback.

In early 2018 we undertook engagement with the community on the shape, size and location of a town square on 40 Anzac Street. Following this engagement, consultation and a representative survey wer undertaken from 23 July to 10 August 2018 on the locations of the town square. In the independent survey conducted by Colmar Brunton, 69% of people preferred one of the two development proposals. In the Auckland Council-run consultation, 55% of people who responded were in support. 

40 Anzac Street will be developed to create a mix of residential, commercial and public open spaces with activated laneways linking the site to Hurstmere Road, Hurstmere Green and Takapuna Beach.

On 6 March 2018 a “change of use” was granted by Auckland Council’s Planning Committee for 40 Anzac Street. We’re now working with the communities of Takapuna on future planning for physical public spaces and their preferred uses and activities.

The proposed development will include:

  • People-friendly public spaces including a new town square that will allow for activities like a market
  • Well-designed laneways creating connections with Anzac Street, Lake Road and Hurstmere Road
  • Safer access to Potter’s Park
  • Suitable alternative short-stay parking

There is an additional site approximately 200m away on the corner of Huron, Northcroft and Auburn streets, called the Gasometer site. Panuku will build a multi-storey carpark there to accommodate for Takapuna’s current and future carparking needs. This would be completed before any disruption to 40 Anzac Street occurs.

The vision for the other part of the Gasometer site is to create a mix of commercial, retail and residential spaces.

What's next?

Panuku will seek expressions of interest from potential development partners for parts of the site before the end of the year. Design work on the town square will now continue to be shaped up and detailed design of the town square will be worked on next year.

Two hundred metres down the road at 14 Huron Street a new, multi-level car parking building will be constructed to replace the car parks at 40 Anzac Street. The modern building will be five storeys and will include 420 car parks as well as electric car and bike charging stations, bike storage, motorbike parking, accessibility parking and “end of trip” facilities including changing rooms. Construction will begin in October.

Takapuna, it's your time

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is 40 Anzac Street?

40 Anzac Street is currently a 250-space public car park in the centre of Takapuna. In March 2017 a “change of use” was granted by Auckland Council’s Planning Committee, meaning the site can be used for purposes other than car parking.

The site’s location and links to Hurstmere Road provide an exciting opportunity to create a new town square, shops, businesses and homes that will unify the heart of Takapuna. 

What will go on Anzac Street? Will there be any public space?

The planned development will include a new town square and connections through the site joining Anzac Street, Lake Road and Hurstmere Road, as well as mixed use development such as restaurants, retail and housing. 

What will happen to the Takapuna Sunday market?

The Takapuna Sunday Market is a valued part of the Takapuna community.  The market can stay as it is for another two years. We are using that two years to work with the market operator to find a new location to ensure it remains a successful part of the community. We’ve given the market operator several options on council properties, including the new town square being built on 40 Anzac Street.

When Anzac Street is developed, will we lose those carparks?

The carparks available on Anzac Street will be replaced with carparks on the Gasometer site. Anzac Street will remain as a public car park until the Gasometer car park is open. The Gasometer car park building will be for retail and commercial visitors to Takapuna centre. 

Why didn't Panuku retain carparking on the Anzac Street site?

Anzac Street, with the adjoining Potters Park and connections to Hurstmere Road, is a fantastic location for a new town square and pedestrian-friendly spaces that are not dominated by cars. 

The new Gasometer car park is only 200 metres away and will work well in tandem with the existing Killarney Street car park to serve Takapuna centre’s car park needs.  

I park in the Anzac Street carpark. Where can I park now?

Until mid-2020 we expect Anzac Street to remain a car park while the Gasometer car park is being constructed. Following that, you can park in the new Gasometer car park. Or if you are visiting the northern part of Takapuna then the existing Killarney Street car park is a great choice. 

Who will own the carparks?

The proposed multi-level car park building on part of the Gasometer site is intended to be owned by Auckland Council and managed by Auckland Transport (AT).

How many carparks are available in Takapuna?

There are currently approximately 2,300 public car park spaces in Takapuna (both on and off-street). 40 Anzac Street provides 250 of these car park spaces. As part of providing for current and future parking requirements, Panuku plans to redevelop part of the Gasometer site into a multi-level car park with approximately 450 spaces.

How was the carparking assessed?

AT conducted a car parking assessment for Takapuna and advised Panuku that it needs to replace 400 car parks within the Unlock Takapuna sites (Anzac Street and Gasometer) and futureproof for a further 350-500 car parks over the next 30 years. This meets the current demand for short-stay parking and provides a future-proof ability for the forecast growth expected to be experienced in the centre. 

What about accessibility parking?

We’re working with Auckland Transport to ensure that accessibility parking is sufficiently provided for in Takapuna. Currently there is accessibility parking in a number of locations around the Takapuna town centre. However, if after the upgrade of Hurstmere Road or the new Gasometer car park the supply is found to be insufficient we would look at where more accessibility parking could be provided to ensure the needs of the community are met. 

Won't the new town square be shaded?

The town square location been designed to be less vulnerable to shading from external development. We’ll work with our development partners to ensure surrounding buildings on 40 Anzac Street do not shade the town square.

When will Anzac Street be sold?

We will begin discussions with prospective development partners now, with the view to have a partner confirmed by next year. Any development partnership would take in to consideration the community’s feedback and the requirement for public space on the site. 

When would development start?

Development won’t start on Anzac Street until 2020 at the earliest. Until then Anzac Street will remain open as a carpark. The Gasometer carpark construction is expected to commence in the second half of 2018. Development on the Gasometer site could start in 2019 following a market process to select a development partner.   

What's happening with Potters Park?

Potters Park will remain a park.  There are no changes planned by Panuku for the park.

How will this impact Takapuna as a shopping destination?

New retail, commercial and residential accommodation will bring more people to the centre and increase the economic activity.  All this growth will have a positive impact on Takapuna as a shopping and food and beverage destination. 

International studies show that creating pedestrian-friendly environments and increasing foot traffic will have a positive effect on these businesses also. 

Maintaining car parking supply in Takapuna would be addressed before any disruption to Anzac Street carpark occurs.  The Gasometer car park would be completed and open to the public before the Anzac Street site was closed for any type of development or construction.

Downloads & Resources

Unlock Takapuna Framework Plan: Part One Unlock Takapuna Framework Plan: Part Two


McConnell Property is making excellent progress with civil earthworks, drainage and roads due for completion by May 2017.


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