Consultation so far

Consultation so far - Takapuna

We’re working closely with mana whenua, our Auckland Council colleagues and the Takapuna community during the various stages of proposals related to the regeneration.

Takapuna’s opportunities have been well covered in plans dating back to 2010, and widely consulted on. Auckland Council approved our overall plan for regeneration in March 2016.

We talked extensively to stakeholders over the following year, including the Greater Takapuna Reference Group and eight other key groups. We also worked closely with the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board, which included the project in its 2017 local board plan.

Formal consultation took place in August and September 2017 on the proposed change of use for the 40 Anzac Street car park. A hearing followed, with a panel independently analysing submissions and hearing from submitters who wished to speak.

Many submitters who opposed the proposal asked for different activities and uses for the site including the desire for new public space, improved connections and plenty of short-stay parking in the surrounding area. As a result, the change was approved but with some conditions. We’ve now also taken this feedback into account in the plans for 40 Anzac Street.

In an independent Colmar Brunton survey, 69% of people preferred one of the two proposals for the town square. In the Auckland Council-run consultation, 55% of people who responded were in support.