Fit with other plans

Fit with other plans - Tāmaki

Tāmaki is highlighted as one of the development areas in the Auckland Plan 2050. These are areas targeted for investment as they’re expected to undergo significant housing and business growth in the next 30 years.

The Tāmaki regeneration will have particular impact on housing and economic aspirations in both the Auckland Plan and the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board Plan.

Building 7500 new homes in Tāmaki will contribute towards the Homes and Places outcome of the Auckland Plan 2050 – “Aucklanders live in secure, healthy, and affordable homes, and have access to a range of inclusive public places”.

The plan’s four directions to achieve this are:

  1. Develop a quality compact urban form to accommodate Auckland’s growth.
  2. Accelerate the construction of homes that meet Aucklanders’ changing needs and preferences.
  3. Shift to a housing system that ensures secure and affordable homes for all.
  4. Provide sufficient public places and spaces that are inclusive, accessible and contribute to urban living.