Progress on projects at Westhaven

Progress on projects at Westhaven - Westhaven

Progress on projects at Westhaven

Boaties and visitors are already enjoying the benefits of some of the 12 key projects for connecting people to their waterfront at Westhaven.

People are strolling, jogging or cycling the boardwalk in stage one of the Westhaven Promenade, with stage two underway and due for completion November 2020. With increasing demand for larger berths, the Y Pier development was completed in 2014/2015 to provide new capacity, and much welcomed boating service improvements, including mast gantry, floating dock and tidal grids, are complete.

The first phase of the St Mary’s Bay redevelopment has been created, with new pontoons for water-sport clubs and places to relax by the water; Silo Marina has been extended, and marina infrastructure is programmed to be upgraded and improved.

The remaining projects include:

  • Introducing new berthage capacity through the Pile Berth Redevelopment project
  • Completing the Westhaven Marine Village to ensure that commercial marine businesses always have a home close to the marina, and that marina customers can conveniently access the businesses and services they need
  • Preparing for the Northern Pathway across Auckland Harbour Bridge to land within Westhaven Marina.
  • Enhancing Westhaven North, the home of Westhaven’s yacht clubs
  • Enhancing or redeveloping Harbour Bridge Park, the area to the west of the Auckland Harbour Bridge
  • Completing the regeneration of St Marys Bay to enable it to be a thriving centre for small boat activities

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