The masterplan for Westhaven

The masterplan for Westhaven - Westhaven

The masterplan for Westhaven

Westhaven has a plan for how the area and marina will be developed over the next 30 years .

The Westhaven Plan covers regeneration both on land and over water, and draws on detailed consultation with the boating and local communities. It is a companion to the Waterfront Plan.

Two main themes spearhead the goals of the Westhaven Plan:

  • Creating Westhaven as a destination that is vibrant, accessible and connects Aucklanders to the water's edge
  • To be the most successful marina in the Southern Hemisphere, a premier facility by international standards for the next generation of boaties, and home to a globally renowned marine industry.

Twelve key projects are outlined in the Westhaven Plan to help achieve these goals.

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