Streets and laneways

Streets and laneways - Wynyard Quarter

Across Wynyard Quarter, the streets are getting a facelift. They are becoming more friendly places for people to walk and cycle. High-quality street furniture and paving features alongside lush planting and rain gardens.

Art and heritage are influencing and elevating design along the way. Read about the newest laneway to open, Tīramarama Way, and how it celebrates the original shoreline of the Waitematā Harbour and Māori astronomy.

Between Madden and Pakenham streets, where residential and commercial buildings meet, a network of laneways will connect and act as the veins of the new neighbourhood, pumping life and character between the spaces. We expect the area will feature shops, galleries and cafes, as well as essential community facilities like a doctor, dentist and hair salon.

Daldy and Jellicoe are already great examples of beautiful streetscapes in Wynyard Quarter. But it’s not just what’s on the surface that counts. Much of the work is happening below ground.

New piping, combined with landscape design, filters stormwater before it flows into the harbour. The sewer network is being upgraded to support the increased population forecast for the area.

We’ve completed the northern ends of Daldy and Halsey streets, while Auckland Transport is busy revamping the southern part of Daldy and Gaunt streets.